December 31, 2011

Celebrating 2012 With Raw Papers And Weed

Bout to burn a few of these Raw Papers and weed tonight to ring in the new year. What better way to start off 2012 then withsome potent weed and Raw Papers

December 24, 2011

How do you get Marijuana out of Hair Follicles?

There are many ways to get marijuana out of your hair follicles. You must follow the steps if you want to get all the weed out of your hair. Stay away for people smoking weed so you wont breath it. Follow my steps below to detoxify your hair.

How to get Weed out of your Hair -  6 Things you can Do
  1. Wash your Hair - With Shampoo!
  2. Drink Liquids - Water, Cranberry Juice, 
  3. Eat Fiber - More Fiber the Better
  4. Take Vitamin C - Believe us it Helps
  5. Build up a Sweat - Sweating helps extract marijuana from you Hair
  6. Buy Detox Cleansing Supplements - Unsafe but Fast
Doing these things will drastically cleanse your hair follicles and detox you body of marijuana. You could also do the method below.

Ancient Water Practice - Drink only Water one day out of the week

December 19, 2011

2011 Kardashian Family Christmas Card

This is the picture that is on the 2011 Kardahian and Jenner Christmas Card. Got it right from Kim Kardashians Twitter.

December 18, 2011

Clear roar bong

My new clear roar bongs. This bong hits so smooth that it feels like you already have ice in the chamber. Roar Make some of the best bongs out. Here is the new 1 I just bought from the smoke shop.

Hand tattoo designs

When it comes to hand tattoos I love this 1 because he makes a game symbol with hand and he also has an umbrella tattoos with a flower awesome tattoos on hand

Hot blonde rips a bong

The hot blonde chick grips a bong with a shirt that says if you don't get caught it's not illegal there's marijuana in weed inside of the wrong preferably kush. smokin weed is great

December 17, 2011

Darth vader marijuana bong hit

It looks like darth vader actually smoke marijuana if you can see below. what a nice song is for star wars.

New nike acg boots duck mens water shield pictures 2012

The a c g boots are great for outdoor usage. I only paid 140 dollars at finish line for these boots. nike redesign the duck boots from the other years version it's more bc and it has a lot more week to it. go to the mall and buy these acgs boots from finish line footlocker or footaction. pictures of the gray water shield docs acgs boots below.

Dro weed wiki prices effects review

The dro weed weed. dro weed is very strong the effects are not as strong as kush butts they still get the job done. wii review dro weed as a exotic marijuana strain. the thc levels of dro are very high. the prices for joe are also hi to you can spend anywhere from 20 dollars a gram of dro all the way to 100 dollars a quarter of dro weed.

Bmw m5 2012 price msrp review photos

The bmw m5 2012 is a very fast car it's the flagship model of the 5 series

The price of a bmw m5 is about 70,000 dollars a little less or out a little more but that's the price range you will be spending if you want 1 of these go to the dealership and specify your bmw to get the exact msrp. the m5 is better than any other 5 series because its features speed and also a new body kit redesigned from the original 5 series the bmw is much much faster with high speeds of up to 160 miles per hour.

December 16, 2011

Dylans brendle pitt bull

My friend dylan saved the cool dog from being killed. He takes care of it and feeds it. He is a goeregous brendle.

Motorola XOOM wifi tablet -for blogging

I just went out to buy this new tablet for about $250. This tablet is great for blogging and picture taking. I haven't tried the I pad or any other tablets but this one suits my needs. The only thing that the XOOM do sent have is mobile broadband.

December 15, 2011

November 27, 2011

November 17, 2011

How to use a vaporizer?

When using a vaporizer it good to clear your lung out bofer taking a huge it. Most vaperizer are ver strong.

November 13, 2011

Breaking Up Bud - High Def Pictures

Check out these pictures I took of my buddy breaking up dank weed on our railing. These pics were taken with my phone, it has a pretty good camera for a smart phone.

November 6, 2011

'Lost' Steve Jobs interview to screen at theaters | Apple - CNET News

Image representing Steve Jobs as depicted in C...Image via CrunchBase'Lost' Steve Jobs interview to screen at theaters | Apple - CNET News:

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List of Best Smoking Weed Songs

Rapper Wiz Khalifa performing at the Williamsb...Image via Wikipediahere are some of the best rap, rock and pop  songs that had to do with the marijuana and weed.  so sit back smoke a blunt and listening to these great  smoking weed songs.

Smoking Weed Song

  • I Got 5 On It
  • I Get High - Styles P
  • Retro Super Future - Rick Ross and Wiz Khalifa
  • Because i Got High - Afro Man
  • Ill Roll Up - Wiz Khalifa
  • The Next Episode - Dr. Dre
  • Pass the Doubie 

Fresh Grinded Marijuana

Fresh Grinded Marijuana:

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November 4, 2011

How Long Does Alcohol or Beer Stay In Your System?

LONDON, ENGLAND - FEBRUARY 21:  Alcohol lines ...Image by Getty Images via @daylife
Alcohol In Your System
If your about to take a breathalyzer test or about to drive intoxicated with aclohol in your system you might want to wait and let it ware off. Understand how long it takes for alcohol to stay in your system means you must know how much alchohol that you drank and what you body weight is and also your drinking limits.

For an example:

Alchol can be more effective on teenage girls because they are typacally smaller. 2 shots of vodka may effect her more than it effects a male and stay in her system for longer
Teenage Drinking
Stop Drinking And Driving
Teenage Drinking has become an epidimic and and car crashes happen every day from drunk driver. Pleas if you are drinking dont drive find a designated driver or a dd. know you limit and only pour your own cup. Vodka is Stronger than Beer and Whine coolers so be aware it will creep up on you

3 Most Potent MarijuanaStrains?

3 Most Potent Weeds
Depending on the THC level in marijuana we tested the top 3 strains to see what one was the most potent marijuana. First up we did White Widow and here what the lab brought back
Fresh Grown White Widow Bud

White Widow
When we speak of white widow people almost always thing of Amsterdam marijuana shops. People also love to smoke weed across seas its actually completely legal in some places but for sure their favorite most potent strain is white widow and northern light is a pretty good one also.
OG Kush Nugget is always high Potency

OG Kush
Og kush is actually equally as strong as white widow they both are most potent medical marijuana strains and come from  California. Og kush got its name from gangsters who only smoked the best marijuana and weed in their dutch master blunt.

Purple Haze Nugget Marijuana Plant
Purple Haze
The legendary purple haze is a sativa that is actually very potent and the color or is what attracted people to this. but this would be our third highest THC ratio that we tested.

New Drake - Afford A Car feat. Loft Luck - Take Care 2011 - YouTube

DrakeImage by eastscene via Flickr
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November 3, 2011

My New Bowl I got For Free

Here are some pictures of this new piece I got. I am having a glass blower make me a custom dual chambered bubbler that I am picking up today after work. He actually gave me this weed pipe for free.

November 1, 2011

Tisa Snapbacks Pictures and Photos

Snapback tisa hat cap logo
New tisa hats that tyga, bigsean and jayz love to wear now days.

8 Health Benefits of Marijuana Effects

Is marijuana good for you health?
Some things that may benifit you health when smokin pot. Weed is a herb some say that it may release
Main short-term somatic (bodily) effects of ca...Image via Wikipediayou mind and relax you soul but here are some benfits that you can get.

8 Health Benifits
  1. helps Insomnia
  2. glaucoma
  3. good for your eyes
  4. makes you wise
  5. gives you a new perspective on life
  6. cures headaches
  7. helps with anxiety
  8. regulates your body


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