May 30, 2011

Are Marijuana Seeds Legal?

Having marijuana seeds in your possession is a not a crime in the USA according to the sense of its not actually weed. If it has not grown yet or is growing then what law are you breaking? The answer to this question is no. You cannot be arrested for having marijuana seeds. 

May 28, 2011

What is hash?

Hash and Marijuana
Hash is a very solid substance that has similar effects as marijuana in it. Hash also contains THC which is also found in marijuana. Depending on what type of hash you have it can be much stronger than weed. Hash is also called Hashish.beuh hash

How is hash Made?

May 23, 2011

How to Roll a Bluntville - The Best Rolling Method for Bluntville Cigars

Are you looking for a way how to roll a Bluntville? There are many ways you can do this. You can roll it in the blunt wrap first and then roll it with the leaf. You can also detach the leaf and lick it and then stick it on the back of the one sheet and roll it like you would a dutch. Some people like this way and some people dont. It really all depends on your personal favorite way how to roll a bluntville.

Video on How To Roll A Bluntville

Best Smoking Weed Quotes for Facebook Status

Image representing Facebook as depicted in Cru...Image via CrunchBase

Best Smoking Status for Facebook
Need some smoking weed quotes to post on your facebook wall? Want to make sure everyone knows you are a pot smoker or like smoking pot? Then post some of these smoking weed quotes as your status and you will definitely see people commenting and liking it. All of these quotes are weed lyrics

Best Smoking Weed Quotes of 2011

My piff so loud, yo can hear it through the walls - Wiz Khalifa

Im Fresh Off Patrol I Could Smoke A Whole P
Can Smell It In My Clothes You Can Smell It In My Seats - Birdman

Because We Fucked Up We Fucked Up
You Know That We Fucked Up  = Daz

OG Kush prescription got me way over the building - Wiz Khalifa

Thinkin she high before she get the chance to smoke it - Wiz Khalifa

And I Still Stay High And I Still Got My Diploma
And I Still Keep The Maggie On Me Like Hommer- Lil Wayne

I am sittin on the clouds
I got smoke coming from my seat
I can play basketball with the moon
I got the whole world at my feet- Lil Wayne

Roll me up & smoke me cause
I feel like dying - Lil Wayne

100 best Face book Statuses

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More Marijuana?

How To Roll Kush Weed

How to roll kush weed
Want to learn how to roll Kush? Well first you are going to need to choose your wrap, You may want to use a blunt, such as a Dutch, Philly, Bluntville, etc.. Or you may want to roll a joint, doobie, or a paper plane, therefore you will need rolling papers. Once you know what you want to roll your kush in you are ready to begin.

Click Here For Step By Step Instructions

How To Roll a Blunt of Kush

Top 5 Best Marijuana Strains - Strongest Types Weed

Here is our list of our favorite best marijuana strains. This countdown is a list of the top strains of weed in the world. Many of these strains are hard to find and very potent. If you smoke any of these, you will most likely find that they are more powerful than regular marijuana.

5. Lemon Haze - Lemon Haze is very strong strain of weed, but it also has a very potent smell and taste of  lemons. Definitely one of the best marijuana strains
4. Purple Haze - This strain is a classic, very potent, and has been around for many years. Purple Haze was made popular by Jimi Hendrix and also many rappers.
3. Trainwreck - Trainwreck is not called that for no reason. When you smoke this strain of weed, you may actually feel like a victim of a train accident. This is without a doubt one of the worlds best strains of marijuana.
2. Sour Diesel - Sour Diesel is a very popular strain of cannabis in the north. It is a sativa, therefore it is a very clear and energetic high.
1. OG Kush - If you have not tried OG Kush by now, I definitely recomend you contact your dealer and see if he can find you some of this weed strain. It is an all around great high and will have you gone for hours.
As you can see, this is our list of the best marijuana or weed strains in the world. All if this bud can be easily grown at home with the right set up.
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Can You Buy Weed Online - Order Marijuana To Your House

The question of can you buy weed online? has been asked for a while now. Many pot smokers are looking for alternative ways to purchase marijuana online. Depending on where you live and your local laws, this could be a problem. buying real weed online might be possible if you know someone personally and they are willing to ship cannabis to your house. There is no actual website where you can buy weed. However, there are many websites where you can buy legal bud, which is an herbal smoke that does not contain THC, but produces similar effects. If you are patient and willing to try growing your own weed, you may want to  order seeds online and grow them in your house or outside.

How to grow Trainwreck marijuana?

Learn how to grow trainwreck with this easy guide. Growing trainwreck takes patients you musy ready you grow spot for this type of weed. Its very hard to grow and takes alot of care. But trainwreck is a strain that any grower would be happy with.

Trainwreck marijuana Strain

Where to find Pineapple kush aka Express

pineapple express kush is a very popular weed strain in cali. It was made popular by the movie pineapple express. Seth rogen play a great part in that movie. To find pineapple kush you mush got to California or Amsterdam where they have a variety of it.
Pineapple Express Kush

What is Skunk Kush

Skunk kush is a very potent marijuana strain. It has the name Skunk because it smell like a skunk. The bud is so dank that the smell is very strong and loud. Skunk weed originated from the Hindu kush strains. Now days they have skunk haze, skunk dro and many more variety. Growing skunk weed takes some very rare seeds. To find them look up a local seed bank and then you will be able to harvest you own skunk weed.
Skunk Marijuana Bud

May 18, 2011

Jar of Kush Marijuana

Jar of Cannabis
I just bought a nice 2 ounces of some good dank green. Its nice and fluffy and smokes like kush mixed with haze. the hairs are orange and it smells up my house. Also look at my marijuana sofa.

Vanilla Dutches are most popular Blunts to Roll Weed

We went around the streets and asked the question What is your favorite type of blunt. Most people said vanilla dutches are only what they smoke. When it comes to rolling exotic weed a dutch is preferred by most people. Some users said they smoke bluntvilles because they are the closest to vanilla dutches and they come with 2 in the pack. Smoke Sour diesel out of dutch if possible you will get the best high. Make sure you understand how to roll a dutch before you open it

May 16, 2011

How much Does an Ounce of Low Grade Weed Marijuana Cost?

How much does a pound of reggie weed cost?
 The average price for an ounce of mids is $100. If you are lucky you may find a dealer willing to sell you an ounce of regular weed for $90. Low grade weed is not very strong and often contains seeds and stems in your bag of reggie. The smell of reggie is not very potent either. Some Call it shwagg

How Much Does an Ounce of Kush Cost?

Need to know the cost of an ounce of Kush?
 This all depends on the strength of the bud. Kush is an exotic weed or headies strain. depending on where you live an ounce of Kush can cost anywhere from $200 - $600. If you are buying a very powerful Kush strain like Purple Kush, Lemon Kush, or OG Kush, this is where you are going to pay high prices for weed.

Cannabis Cup 2011 Video of Cannabis Cup 2006

The Cannabis Cup is a time where marijuna smokers unite and talk about bongs, weed, seeds, blunts and tons more. With over 100 Stands to check out the cannabis cup is a great place to go. May we mention free marijuana smoking at the cannabis cup. The cannabis cup winner is usually a kush strain because it is of the highest of thc levels. To visit the cannabis cup just go online and buy tickets for more info visit

What is Loud Weed?

What does smoking loud mean. Usually when you hear someone say they have been smoking loud, it means they been smoking very strong weed. A loud pack is usually an exotic weed strain such as Kush, Sour Diesel, Purple Haze, Silver Haze, Lemon Haze, Kings Kush, Grand Daddy Purp, Green Crack, Canabis Cup, Dro, Trainwreck, or Skunk. Now you should know what Loud weed is. You should probably look for a zip of some loud marijuana. Is this the Best Exotic Weed?

Loud Marijuna

What is a Hookah?

How to Smoke Marijuana in a Hookah
You will see many pot smokers smoking marijuana in a hookah. It is a more traditional way of smoking weed. If you own a hookah you and several friends can smoke at the same time because everyone has their own hose to smoke out of. Check out more vodní dýmka in this page.

How to Smoke Marijuana?

How to Smoke weed with Lil wayne

Why Do People Smoke Marijuana?
Most pot smokers smoke marijuana when they fell like smoking weed. If you smoked marijuana what would be you reason for smoking weed? What we mean is go ask a pot smoker why he smokes weed and different reasons will come about why people smoke weed. Do you understand?

What are ways to Smoke Marijuana?
you are probably wondering different ways to smoke weed. Many marijuana smokers choose to smoke marijuana in some some sort of wrap such as a blunt or joint. You will also find a lot of weed smokers smoke marijuana with a bong, bowl, pipe, or hookah. Some newer weed smokers may try smoking weed with homemade pieces like a water bottle bong or can pipe.

How to Smoke Marijuana in a Hookah
You will see many pot smokers smoking marijuana in a hookah. It is a more traditional way of smoking weed. If you own a hookah you and several friends can smoke at the same time because everyone has their own hose to smoke out of.

What are the Strongest Marijuana Seeds

The Strongest Marijana Seed on Earth?
Some say the best seeds are from Amsterdam. Most Americans agree that the west coast has the best weed strains and seeds. Marijuana Growers usually get their seeds from Amsterdam Seed banks and some just grow bag seeds. Some kids grow seeds out the bag now days. When you see a Big Dark marijuana seed that's when you know it should be grown. What you need is some soil and Water. For More info on On Growing your own marijuana Seeds see How To Grow Marijuana Guide.
High TH/c Level Marijuana

May 13, 2011

How to Harvest Marijuana Outdoors & Indoors

The main key to harvesting marijuana is knowing the right way to harvest. With a good understanding of when the weed plant is ready to be harvested you will be able to get you buds the way you want them. Marijuana Crystals must have enough time to form, so the THC levels in your Marijuana Plants are high.
Best marijuana Grow Room

May 11, 2011

Fluorescent Light Questions and Answers

Most asked Fluorescent Questions

    More Fluorescent Light Info
    • Flourescent Light Reviews
    • Buying Flourescent Grow Lights

    What is a Fluorescent Light? or Compact Fluorescent Light?

    A fluorescent light bulb is an energy efficient replacement for incandescent lightning. The fluorescent bulb provides the same amount of light as much higher forms of incandescent lightning. The bulb works by using electricity to excite gases which glow over time. Neon lamps work similarly, but the soft white glow of fluorescent lamps is not designed to attract a user’s attention. The bulb is intended to illuminate a given area.

    Fluorescent Light

    What is a Fluorescent Light?

    For many years, fluorescent light bulbs only came in long tubes. They were associated with businesses, schools and other institutions. The desire for more energy efficient and greener forms of lightning gave birth to the rise of the compact fluorescent bulb. The compact fluorescent bulb is designed to fit in the older incandescent sockets. The bulbs use less energy, but they often have an equivalent brightness. Although a buyer can choose between CFL bulbs and incandescent bulbs, the Obama administration passed a law that will force older incandescent lights off the market by the end of 2013. If a person still wants the older incandescent bulbs, he needs to stock up now.

    Most asked Fluorescent Questions

    Are fluorescent lights better?

    Fluorescent Lights
    Fluorescent lights work by conducting electricity through a gas with is sealed in a glass vacuum tube. The gas is a type which reacts to the electricity by producing luminescence. A common misconception is that fluorescent lights are more efficient than other types of devices at producing light. This is false. Fluorescent lights may use less electricity, but this is because they produce much less light. In truth, they are actually very inefficient in terms of how much electricity is used to how much light is produced.
    The best type of device to produce light is an LED, or Light Emitting Diode. The most amazing thing about LED lights is that they also work in reverse. When an LED is inactive, it will produce electricity from light that is received. LED lights are also more durable, more versatile, and more efficient than any other type of device at producing light. LED lights are superior for any purpose, including growing plants. LED lights produce very little heat, and provide a much higher and more consistent frequency of light.

    Most asked Fluorescent Questions

    How do you replace Fluourescent Light Bulbs?

    Buying fluorescent lights is not someone has to do often. The process may become more common with the advent of the compact fluorescent light bulb, but considering a CFL can last for several years before it needs to be replaced. The process of replacing a standard fluorescent bulb is more complex than replacing an incandescent light bulb, but not much more complex.

    Fluorescent Light Bulbs
    When you go to the hardware store, you need to know the length of the bulb you are replacing. You also need to know the type of the socket. When replacing the bulb, measure the length if you do not know it. Get a ladder to reach the bulb safely. Twist the bulb slightly. A slight pop is normal. Carefully lower the old bulb. If you have someone helping you, get the new bulb and screw it in the same way you removed the old one.
    The reason to be careful with the bulb is not just because broken shards of glass can cause problems. Fluorescent bulbs contain a small amount of mercury. Mercury is harmful to humans if it builds up in the body in large enough amounts.

    Most asked Fluorescent Questions

    May 10, 2011

    Will Marijuana Plants Grow with Fluorescent Light Bulbs?

    Plants will successfully grow in a variety of environments. Although plants can use indoor light sources, people may not understand what lighting conditions are best.

    Fluorescent lights are cheap to operate, have a long lifespan, and are widely available. Gardeners should use a mixture of cool-white and plant growth fluorescent lights. Normal incandescent lights can be substituted for plant growth fluorescent lights, but they are more expensive to maintain.

    A lighting system should be spaced approximately 6 to 12 inches away from most plants. Although fluorescent lights produce light along the length of their tubes, plants should be located beneath the center of the tubes. The tube ends emit less intense light. The overall light intensity should match the plants' growing needs for the best results.

    Plants should receive fluorescent light for about 16 to 18 hours per day if no additional outside light is available. If sunlight is available, lighting systems should be run for shorter periods to avoid drying plants out. Gardeners should consider hooking a timer and watering system up to their lights for maximum growing efficiency.

    Most asked Fluorescent Questions

    Diffrence Between Fluorecent Lights and Led Lights?

    Fluorescent lights and LED lights are not the same thing. LED lights rely on multiple bulbs to obtain brightness. Fluorescent lights use a single tube or container. When electricity is passed through the container, it causes the electrons in the tube to become excited. The electrons produce the light we see.

    Led Lights
    LEDS work in a principle similar to the incandescent lamp, but they produce light so on a much smaller scale. The resistance the diode provides to the electrical current gets converted to light energy. Because the diode can only handle a small amount of electricity, it does not waste as much energy as heat.

    Because the fluorescent bulbs contain a toxic gas and mercury, many people say that the LED technology is safer. Fluorescent bulbs, when used and disposed of properly are not any more dangerous than the standard incandescent bulb. The only advantage LED lights have over fluorescent bulbs is that they bulbs are much harder to break. When one LED does go out, it may affect the overall brightness of an LED lamp. Replacing a single diode is nearly impossible.

    Most asked Fluorescent Questions

    Fluorescent Lights

    Are Black Lights Fluorescent?

    Black Light
    Are Black lights fluorescent? It depends on what type of black light referred to. A standard fluorescent black light gets it's name from the color spectrum of ultra violet. It's called a black light because the light emitted by the light bulb is coming only from the ultra violet side of the spectrum.

    Fluorescent Lights are beautiful when observed under the right lighting. If Fluorescent Lights are observed in the dark or near dark they seem to be purple, actually and not black. The radiation that is emitted by black lights is considered to be fluorescent and can be seen when white surfaces are introduced near the black light.
    Most asked Fluorescent Questions

    May 3, 2011

    How to Grow Marijuana Indoors

    1. Do Marijuna Plants need Flurescent Lights?

    Growing Marijuana indoors takes Fluorescent Lights and other lighting Fixtures just too keep you marijuana plant alive. Think about it Plants need light. (Sun Light)*.

    Talk About Marijuana Here the best Marijuana Forum
    Most asked Fluorescent Questions
    2. Whats the best Soil to Grow Marijuana Plants in?
    Lots of Indoor Marijuana Growers use Fox Farm Soil While others might use the Regular Wall-mart or K-mart brand Soil. Fox Farm Soil has to be ordered but you may find it at your local Hydroponics Grow Shop. Marijuana Seeds are also needed when growing marijuan indoors for More on Marijuna seeds visit Strongest Marijuna Seeds

    2.1 Steps in planting a seed

    3. Some Grow Space and Airflow is all you Need Now.
    You can use Fans for air flow but your Marijuana plants may need a little more air flow.


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