May 11, 2011

Are fluorescent lights better?

Fluorescent Lights
Fluorescent lights work by conducting electricity through a gas with is sealed in a glass vacuum tube. The gas is a type which reacts to the electricity by producing luminescence. A common misconception is that fluorescent lights are more efficient than other types of devices at producing light. This is false. Fluorescent lights may use less electricity, but this is because they produce much less light. In truth, they are actually very inefficient in terms of how much electricity is used to how much light is produced.
The best type of device to produce light is an LED, or Light Emitting Diode. The most amazing thing about LED lights is that they also work in reverse. When an LED is inactive, it will produce electricity from light that is received. LED lights are also more durable, more versatile, and more efficient than any other type of device at producing light. LED lights are superior for any purpose, including growing plants. LED lights produce very little heat, and provide a much higher and more consistent frequency of light.

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