May 23, 2011

Best Smoking Weed Quotes for Facebook Status

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Best Smoking Status for Facebook
Need some smoking weed quotes to post on your facebook wall? Want to make sure everyone knows you are a pot smoker or like smoking pot? Then post some of these smoking weed quotes as your status and you will definitely see people commenting and liking it. All of these quotes are weed lyrics

Best Smoking Weed Quotes of 2011

My piff so loud, yo can hear it through the walls - Wiz Khalifa

Im Fresh Off Patrol I Could Smoke A Whole P
Can Smell It In My Clothes You Can Smell It In My Seats - Birdman

Because We Fucked Up We Fucked Up
You Know That We Fucked Up  = Daz

OG Kush prescription got me way over the building - Wiz Khalifa

Thinkin she high before she get the chance to smoke it - Wiz Khalifa

And I Still Stay High And I Still Got My Diploma
And I Still Keep The Maggie On Me Like Hommer- Lil Wayne

I am sittin on the clouds
I got smoke coming from my seat
I can play basketball with the moon
I got the whole world at my feet- Lil Wayne

Roll me up & smoke me cause
I feel like dying - Lil Wayne

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