May 10, 2011

Diffrence Between Fluorecent Lights and Led Lights?

Fluorescent lights and LED lights are not the same thing. LED lights rely on multiple bulbs to obtain brightness. Fluorescent lights use a single tube or container. When electricity is passed through the container, it causes the electrons in the tube to become excited. The electrons produce the light we see.

Led Lights
LEDS work in a principle similar to the incandescent lamp, but they produce light so on a much smaller scale. The resistance the diode provides to the electrical current gets converted to light energy. Because the diode can only handle a small amount of electricity, it does not waste as much energy as heat.

Because the fluorescent bulbs contain a toxic gas and mercury, many people say that the LED technology is safer. Fluorescent bulbs, when used and disposed of properly are not any more dangerous than the standard incandescent bulb. The only advantage LED lights have over fluorescent bulbs is that they bulbs are much harder to break. When one LED does go out, it may affect the overall brightness of an LED lamp. Replacing a single diode is nearly impossible.

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Fluorescent Lights


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