May 3, 2011

How to Grow Marijuana Indoors

1. Do Marijuna Plants need Flurescent Lights?

Growing Marijuana indoors takes Fluorescent Lights and other lighting Fixtures just too keep you marijuana plant alive. Think about it Plants need light. (Sun Light)*.

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Most asked Fluorescent Questions
2. Whats the best Soil to Grow Marijuana Plants in?
Lots of Indoor Marijuana Growers use Fox Farm Soil While others might use the Regular Wall-mart or K-mart brand Soil. Fox Farm Soil has to be ordered but you may find it at your local Hydroponics Grow Shop. Marijuana Seeds are also needed when growing marijuan indoors for More on Marijuna seeds visit Strongest Marijuna Seeds

2.1 Steps in planting a seed

3. Some Grow Space and Airflow is all you Need Now.
You can use Fans for air flow but your Marijuana plants may need a little more air flow.


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