May 16, 2011

How to Smoke Marijuana?

How to Smoke weed with Lil wayne

Why Do People Smoke Marijuana?
Most pot smokers smoke marijuana when they fell like smoking weed. If you smoked marijuana what would be you reason for smoking weed? What we mean is go ask a pot smoker why he smokes weed and different reasons will come about why people smoke weed. Do you understand?

What are ways to Smoke Marijuana?
you are probably wondering different ways to smoke weed. Many marijuana smokers choose to smoke marijuana in some some sort of wrap such as a blunt or joint. You will also find a lot of weed smokers smoke marijuana with a bong, bowl, pipe, or hookah. Some newer weed smokers may try smoking weed with homemade pieces like a water bottle bong or can pipe.

How to Smoke Marijuana in a Hookah
You will see many pot smokers smoking marijuana in a hookah. It is a more traditional way of smoking weed. If you own a hookah you and several friends can smoke at the same time because everyone has their own hose to smoke out of.


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