June 29, 2011

Juelz Santana and his Automatic Blunt Roller Smoking Weed

Watch as juelz and Un Kasa roll up blunt after blunt after blunt. Juelz santana is smoking like a muffler homie. He saying wiz khalifa cant smoke like him
Juelz Santana Smoking Weed

June 24, 2011

Magic Mushrooms or Marijuana?

\What does mushrooms do to you. they might kill you. Marijuana definatlly cant. shrooms give you a great high. a outer body expierience. while marijuana's high makes your body relax and think slowly. both of these drugs are good but how good?

June 17, 2011

Smoking weed is a bad habit for me

Ive been smoking weed since 11th grade my friend introduced me to this substance. I wouldn't say he was such a good friend but i loved it every since then. Ive been smoking weed everyday for like 2 years now. I cant stop smoking weed and i dont know if i want to. This weed habit has to go before i start spending all my money. Its so expensive one you need the good dank bud that comes from Cali. I live in NY so yeah the weed here is usually from Cali, Amsterdam, or home grown. I wanna stop smoking bud but i dont know if i can.

Who Discoverd Marijuana?

The first people to discover marijuana and actually smoke it was the Indians. Tribes in early Africa also did this. Marijuana was found in 1678 on a beach in Spain and Jamaicans love it too.

Who Really Discovered Marijuana?
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June 15, 2011

Does weed make you stupid?

What does stupid really mean? If you smoke marijuana you will probably become more focused on what you thinking in you head rather than what is going on around you. so for the time being you would be less aware. but it wheres off over about an hour or so.

Can you get Weed into Prison?

Are other drugs in prison?
The main issue with getting weed into prison is its is almost impossible to pull off. Todays Police measures make sure people are searched before visiting a inmate.

How do people get weed while in jail or prison?
Most people who get weed in jail are very high rank or very crafty prison inmates. Some have visitors insert drugs inside of them and pass through visiting hours. But the Prison guards do a good job of finding them.

What happens if you Get busted with weed in Jail?
When a guard catches an inmate with marijuana or any other drug the inmate is sent to the prison warden for a hearing. Depending on the inmates background and severity of his abuse he will get time in the Hole or solitary confinement. 

June 14, 2011

Was Mob Boss John Gotti A Pot Head?


 Ever wonder if John Gotti was a heavy weed smoker? I think he only rolled blunts too. Haha

Click Here For Pictures of John Gotti Smoking His Weed

How To Grow Bigger Buds From Marijuana Plants

If you need a way to grow bigger buds on your weed plants or just want to know how to yield more buds on your plants then follow closely.

How To Get Big Buds From Your Plants?
One of the best way to get larger buds from your plants is to use Big Bud Nutrients. Using these nutrients will help guarentee your buds will be bigger than usual.

Use Nutrients to get bigger buds

Do Weed Growing Kits Help You Get Big Buds?
Investing in a weed growing kit may help you get bigger buds out of your plants but it is no guarentee. Usually good weed growing kits come with good soil and big bud nutrients, so stay away from kits that don't come with that because that is what helps you get bigger buds.

Weed Growing Kit Big Buds

Grow Weed Hydroponically For Bigger Buds
Growing your weed hydroponically will also help get you bigger buds from your plants. Many weed growing kits are made specifically for hydroponic growth  so unless you know how to build your own system I would suggest looking into a good Hydroponic Weed growing system

Hydroponic growing helps you get bigger buds

Does Kush Have THC In It?

 Kush THC Levels
A lot of people have been asking me does Kush have THC in it? The fact is Kush is a strain of marijuana that does in fact have THC in it. Actually, Kush will tend to have a lot more THC in it then other weed strains. If you smoke Kush then you will get high due to the high contents of THC in the buds. Kush is usually a favorite strain among pot smokers or people that smoke weed.

Does Kush Have THC In It

June 5, 2011

When to smoke weed?

Finding the best time to smoke weed is very easy. When you wake up and have a headache is a good time to light up some marijuana. When you are bored is a good time to smoke weed. Smoke weed when there are no cops in sight. The best time when to smoke weed is when you want to.
Smoking some weed

Where to buy afghani kush

The best place to find afghani Kush is to go straight to Afghanistan. They have a wide selection to choose from also. Afgan Kush a a very strong strain of marijuana when i first tried smoking it.

Blue Dream Kush Strain

Blue dream Kush
What a nice strain of marijuana this blue dream is. Its not very blue but it has a taste that will blow you out to the water. smoke blue dream marijuana in a pipe to get the best taste

June 2, 2011

How To Water Marijuana Plants Correctly

Wondering what the best way to water marijuana plants is? If you are worried about over watering marijuana plants or not providing enough water to your weed plants you must follow proper watering schedule. This will ensure that your plants are getting as much water as they need to survive. This is one of the most important steps throughout the entire plants life, especially during vegetative growth.

How to Water Marijuana Plants
How To Water Marijuana Plants The Right Way
You should water your plants with clean, chemical-free water when you see that the soil on top has began to dry and even begin to crust. It is important that you make sure the previous water gets used as much as possible this will prevent your roots from becoming rotted. The most common mistake new growers make is over watering.

What Fruits Can I Smoke Marijuana Out Of?

Can i Smoke Weed Out of any fruit that comes to mind? Lots of people think that smoke marijuana with fruits simply does not go together. but bud is great with the essence of fruit at all times. Who doesent like fruity weed right. So the answer is yes you can.

How To Care For Marijuana Plants During Vegetative Growth

Vegetative growth or vegetation is one of the stages of life in a marijuana plant. This stage of marijuana growth is when you will see the fastest and the most growth in your marijuana plant. This stage happens after the seed has sprouted and began to grow leaf structure.
Marijuana Vegetative Growth

How to Grow a Healthy Marijuana Plant in Vegetation

1. Provide Proper Lighting
        What are the best lights for growing Marijuana?
            Are Flourescent Lights Good For Growing Marijuana? 

2. Water Your Plants Properly
         How To Water Marijuana Plants The Right Way

Once your marijuana plants have grown to the proper height you can then switch over to the budding or flowering period. This is the time when you will notice THC growth in a marijuana plant and buds will begin to form on marijuana plants. For more info on flowering marijuana plants see our link below.

How to Flower Marijuana Plants

Can you smoke weed out of a Apple?

Do people smoke marijuana out of apples usually?
Smoking My Apple Pipe
Yes you can smoke weed out of an apple if you really wanted to. Its easy to do with a Smoking weed out apples tutorial. Hippies started smoking weed out of apples and other fruits in the late 70's. People often smoke out of Grapes, Oranges, Lemons, Watermelon and Bananas. Marijuana is great tasting with fruit because it gives my smoke good flavor. I recommended you view the How to smoke out of apples and other fruit tutorial below. Yes you can smoke pot out of an apple

How to Smoke out apples & Fruit - How to Make a Apple Pipe

Can you smoke weed out Other Fruits?

June 1, 2011

Can you smoke Marijuana at a hookah bar and get High?

Hookah Bar
The only way that you can get high at a hookah bar is if you bring your own marijuana or if the hookah bar that you visit allows weed smoking. The actual Shiva that you smoke at hookah lounges does not get you high.


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