June 2, 2011

How To Care For Marijuana Plants During Vegetative Growth

Vegetative growth or vegetation is one of the stages of life in a marijuana plant. This stage of marijuana growth is when you will see the fastest and the most growth in your marijuana plant. This stage happens after the seed has sprouted and began to grow leaf structure.
Marijuana Vegetative Growth

How to Grow a Healthy Marijuana Plant in Vegetation

1. Provide Proper Lighting
        What are the best lights for growing Marijuana?
            Are Flourescent Lights Good For Growing Marijuana? 

2. Water Your Plants Properly
         How To Water Marijuana Plants The Right Way

Once your marijuana plants have grown to the proper height you can then switch over to the budding or flowering period. This is the time when you will notice THC growth in a marijuana plant and buds will begin to form on marijuana plants. For more info on flowering marijuana plants see our link below.

How to Flower Marijuana Plants


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