July 31, 2011

Chris Tucker in Friday: Smokey Videos

Friday Movie Cover
Funny comedian actor chris tucker in one of his best performances. The Movie Friday Featured Ice Cube and Chris Tucker. Chris Played "Smokey" a guy who just smokes weed all day with no job and live with his mother.

Movie Friday Video Clip - Chris Tucker and Ice Cube Smoking Weed

Chris Tucker in Friday " I Dont Give a Fuck"

July 30, 2011

How Much is a Teenth?

A teenth is usually a term to describe a small amount of drugs. Usually when refering to buying a teenth, someone would be talking about meth amphetamine or crack cocaine. So how much does a teenth weigh? The real weight of a teenth is 1/16 of an ounce or 1.75 grams. As you can see this is not that much, but can cost you a lot depending on the drug you are buying.

Teenth of Crack

Meth bag

Teenth of crystal meth

Spongebob Smoking Weed Drugs cocain meth pot x

Yes it is true, Spongebob smokes weed. If you didn't know, this cartoon character has been getting high on marijuana while not on TV. Here are some funny pictures of spongebob smoking weed

Look at spongebob hitting a bong

Spongebob smoking weed

July 29, 2011

How To Get White Boy Wasted

Look at this little kid getting drunk off vodka. I guess you could say he is getting white boy wasted.

What a funny kid. You know he's going to be getting sauced in the club when he is older. He will probably pull all the hoes in that bitch.

Crackhead Smoking Crack

If you take a trip to the hood you may come across crackheads smoking rock. Many people with bad lives resort to smoking crack at a young age. Sometimes if you are walking in the hood late at night a crackhead girl will come up to you and offer to give you head in exchange for crack cocaine.

Funny Smoking While Pregnant

We all know smoking while pregnant is a bad thing to do, but some moms just cant resist. If I ever caught my baby mom smoking during pregnancy I would smack a bitch.

What kind of girl would smoke while she was having a baby

Paul Wall rolls up a Kush Cigar"

For all you Kush smokers out there, Here's a demonstration of "How to Roll a Kush Cigar"

Obama Smoking Weed

Here is a funny picture of President obama smoking a blunt of weed.

July 28, 2011

Rick Ross - Money In The Wall Lyrics + MP3 Download

Download: Rick Ross - Money In The Walls 


Ricky Ross
We talking bout mo money on this side
Mississippi what up flords dale

money in my pocket
money in my draws
money in the safe bitch money in the walls
hunned dollars na money in the walls
a aint got it on me bitch i left it in the wall
i dont give a a fuck bout nigga none of yall x3
talkin bout paper i got money in the wall

(Verse 1)
in the middle of a drought only serve niggas ball
feel like i was born to be a boss
see the benz and the bitch a make ya pause
fuck the bank  i got money in the wall
money on my wrist
money on my finger
money in ma Chevy
money on the beamer
money on a bitch
money on ma clothes
gotta keep it g aint no money for the hoes
gotta keep it street got somthin for ya nose
nigga gotta eat keep the wall on swole
i aint gotta speak y'all niggas told
i aint gotta speak y'all niggas know


money in my pocket 
money in my draws
money in the safe bitch money in the walls
hunned dollars na money in the walls
a aint got it on me bitch i left it in the wall
i dont give a a fuck bout nigga none of yall x3
talkin bout paper i got money in the wall

money in my pocket 
money in my draws
ey Money in the wall x3

Mississippi keep money in the wall
Florida niggas keep money in the wall
Georgia nigga keep money in the walls
Alabama niggas  money in the walls
Memphis nigga what money in the wall
Arkansas nigga money in the wall
Dallas niggas keep money in the wall
H town keep money in the wall

i dont give a a fuck bout nigga none of yall x3
when it come to getting paper bitch i just leave it in the wall

Rick Ross  - Money in the Wall

What is Shisha?

Shisha is a type of tobacco usually smoked out of a hookah at a shisha cafe or hookah bar. It comes in many flavors not just regular fruit flavors, theres stuff like "Star Buzz Shisha" and "Tangiers Shisha" and many more Exotic Flavors.
Starbuzz Shisha Flavor

What are the Shisha Ingredients?
Shisha is a very premium tobacco with extreme flavor in it. It also has a bit a marijuana in it too. Herbal shisha can have up to 3 chemicals in it but its good to smoke.

Shisha and a Hookah

What Does Shisha Taste Like?
Shisha taste very smooth. Nothing like a blunt or cigar. Its like you don't even feel the smoke in your lungs. You just exhale and taste the flavor that you picked.

Effects of Shisha
What are The effects of Shisha?
The effects of shisha are very body and mind relaxing. I would say that Shisha is nothing like the effects marijuana. Is Shisha Bad for your health? My answer to that is yes because smoking any thing is bad for you but its very harmless tho.

Wiz Khalifa Raw Papers

Look at Wiz Khalifa Rolling a Joint With Raw Rolling Papers

It is said that Wiz only rolls with raw papers. Not too many people know about this brands of rolling papers. They are pretty thin but are natural. The paper is not bleached so it is light brown. These Raw rolling papers hit very smooth.

Raw Papers

I Need to Start Selling Weed For Money

Sometimes when your money is low and bills need to get paid, you may  want to start selling weed. People often get caught up in day to day spending without having a good source of income. Having a job in this economy is great, but some people need a supplement to their income. They may find themselves asking "should I start selling weed on the side?"

Click Here For How To Start Selling

Do I need to start selling weed?

What do you think? Is selling weed smart?

Teens Smoking Weed on Facebook

Often these days you will find people posting pictures of themselves smoking weed on facebook. Sometimes that will even be there profile pic. I guess some kids think it is a cool thing to do, maybe they want people to know that they are smoking weed on facebook. Sometimes you might roll a nice blunt and feel the need to share a picture of you burning it down with friends.

July 27, 2011

What is Marijuana Kush Weed Exotics?

OG kush marijuana plant
OG Kush Weed
Originally from california this marijuana strain is very loud. Why does OG Kush Weed cost so much money. In new york the sell marijuana on the corner for low prices even if its exotic weed. Pineapple Kush is in the class as kush marijuana because of the movie pineapple express.

Girl With a weed Tattoo
Girls also Love to Smoke Exotic Weed and Marijuana
My sister smokes marijuana all the time. Only Purple Kush weed tho never low grade kush in my house. When a women smokes its usually small joint papers and doobies and chop hash up with the haze strain. Most Girls dont even know how much a gram of pot is or the THC Levels in marijuana. So all you chicks out there you can forget about the no thc weed.

video on Types of Exotic Weeds

Legalize Marijuana

One Ounce of Weed

One Ounce of  Weed
If i was buying one ounce of weed i would look around and get the best price i could. I would always have to make sure its high grade marijuana because one ounce is a lot of weed.

July 26, 2011

300,000 Plants Seized in California Drug Bust

80 people have been arrested in a large scale drug bust in the Mendocino, California area. It is said that this growing operation has been going on for a few years now. Complaints from hikers and tourists being shot at by armed guards when they walked into an area where marijuana was being grown. It is not clear who was in charge of this grow operation but the plants have been destroyed and removed from the forest.
Dea Drug Bust on Marijuana plants

Where to Buy Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana dispensary
Are you looking to buy some high grade medical marijuana or weed? Have you received you medical marijuana card from you doctor? You Can buy medical marijuana From Marijuana Dispensary's in California and New York hopefully. The Weed if very expensive in these stores but i am sure you will have lots of weed strains to choose from. The piff if very loud once you walk in. To get directions on where to buy Click Here.

Medicinal Marijuana Store

Medical Marijuana in Pill Case

July 25, 2011

How Much is a Quarter Pound of Weed

Quarter Pound of Weed
A Quarter pound of weed is about 4 ounces witch means it will cost about $400 because an ounce of reg cost $100. When it comes down to Exotic marijuana then a Quarter Pound of weed may cost any where from $800 to $1200.

Yao Ming Retires from NBA & Gets Married

Yao Ming Retires
The Tall 7 - 1/2 foot center for the Houston Rockets. He came from China and sparked a wave throughout the NBA and China. He was known for his height and the way he could get blocks so well. After a series of injuries to his Big Toe he has not been able to be a force and win a NBA championship. Yao ming Retires at the Age of 28. Good luck with the rest of your career Yao Ming.

Yao Ming Wedding 

Crying Like a Bitch

Stop Crying like a little bitch 
Does you little sister or brother cry like a little bitch? Have you seen your dad crying like a bitch about Micheal Jackson  What kind of guy will cry like a pussy. Have some type of Self confidence because men don't cry. If us over at kushweed.blogspot.com saw you crying like a little bitch we would smack the shit out of you and make you man up.

What is a Key of Weed?

Key of Weed
A key of weed equals out to about 3 ounces. if you buy marijuana by the pound then your gonna get less grams. people usually charge about $5000 to re up on a key of weed or a key of marijuana.

Greenhouse Seeds

Greenhouse seeds are the best for growing cannabis. If you want to grow good weed you should buy greenhouse seeds.
Greenhouse Seeds

Where To Buy Sour Diesel Seeds

You can buy sour diesel seeds online now. It is very easy, first you must find a good seed bank, If you stumble upon a trustable source you can expect to get quality Sour Diesel seeds online everytime.

Sour Diesel seeds for sale

How To Grow Purple Kush

Growing Purple Kush is just like growing any strain of marijuana. You must first buy weed seeds online. Make sure that you buy purple kush seeds if that is the kind you want to grow.

You can grow purple kush buds like these
 How To Grow Purple Kush

Purple Kush Plants

Purple Kush Plants

Master Kush Strain Photos

Pictures of Master Kush buds. Some people would say that this is a very potent strain. It is better to smoke Master Kush in a blunt to get the full effect of this weed. When you look at these Master Kush pictures you can see that the bud is filled with orange hairs and THC crystals

Master Kush Bud
You can see how dank this Master Kush is by how close up these images are.

Master Kush in medicine bottle

Marijuana Vials Image

marijuana vials

Beat the Boot by Google - Fun Game to Play While High

Beat the Boot By Google
Google has a fun little multi-player game called beat the boot. I found this as i was looking through google apps and Chrome Extensions. Its very fun and different every time you play it. You can play with 2 player or one player. Basically you have a time to complete a task then on the the next boot.

play Beat The Boot by Google

Bad Bitches : Kim Kardashian's Best Pics

We all know that Kim Kardashian is one of the bad bitches. She is so thick and her booty is so right. I do not know how she is the only one out of her sisters with an ass that fat. I really love looking at pictures of bad bitches like Kim.

How bad is Kim Kardashian?
Only bad bitches got booty like that
bad bitches are my favorite
wow she is thick

definitely some bad bitches

Black Hookah

Black Hookah
An all black hookah would be sweet to have in your room or dorm room. Smoke it with your friends all day.


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