July 24, 2011

How To Start Selling Weed

*Note This is For HUMOR and INFORMATIONAL purposes only. We do not encourage or condone the selling or buying of marijuana or any other illegal substance.

 if you want to start selling weed you will need a little investment money and the proper supplies. To start selling weed today you must first purchase some work, or weed. Whether you sell reggie or headies is up to how much you are willing to invest.
Start Selling Weed

What Type of Weed to Sell?
If you want to start with reggie you can buy an ounce of reggie for around $100. You should then bag up your reggie in dimes and nicks. A dime should weigh 2 grams, or enough for 2 blunts. A nick should weigh 1 gram. It may be easier to bag up with a scale if you are new to selling weed. You will get perfectly weighed out bags every time.

Headies on the left, schwag on the right

How Much Can I Make From an Ounce of Reggie?
If you bag up properly, you should get 14 dimes off of an ounce. This will insure you a $40 profit if you do not smoke any of your supply.
you should bag up about 14 of these

How To Start a Customer Base
You may want to start out on Facebook and let some of your stoner friends know you have weed for sale. You can also do this by texting people who smoke in your contacts. The word will spread fast and soon you will start getting messages, phone calls, and texts from people who need to buy bud.

Do not worry if business starts out slow, Just make sure you always have a steady supply and you will always have people calling you up for green.

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