July 16, 2011

Learn the Marijuana Cookies Recipe

How to Make Weed Cookies
Making marijuana cookies can be easy if you have the right ingredients. Chocolate Chip Marijuana cookies are what we will be learning to cook today. Also Green Marijuana Sugar cookies will do fine as well.

Ingredients for Marijuana Cookies
  • Marijuana Butter/ Canna Butter
  • Cookie Mix
  • Milk
  • Water
  • Sugar

Directions on Cooking Marijuana Cookies Recipe
Boil the marijuana with butter and water for about 1 hour. After the Marijuana or weed is fused with the butter then but the butter in you cookie mix as if it where regular butter. Bake to a golden crisp in the oven. Once cookies are done let them cool of before eating. Warning cookies may be extremely strong so don't eat more then one at first so you can see you tolerance level.

Video on Making Marijuana cookies


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