July 19, 2011

Look at These Marijuana Crystal Buds

X-Mas Kush Bud With Crystals on it Beautiful Weed
Everyone loves weed when the Crystals are on the Buds so when you smoke it you know its going to be some dank bud. When the Crystals Fall off the buds that means they are good and will make the best Kieff for you grinder.

Crystals on a Kush Bud
Kush Marijuana Tends to have tons of Crystals. Where did kush come from does any one know. I would love to find out that Kush Weed was found in china! With all those Chinese Crystals.
Purple Bud with Crystals
A marijuaja Blunt sitting on a Crystal Bud
Girls With Crystal Buds in her hand

More Pictures of Crystal Buds


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