July 21, 2011

What is the Best Bong for Cheap

This is a CHEAP glass Bong however some glass attachments may cost more depending on brand

Bongs deliver the BEST head high when you smoke some Exotic Piff, Dank, Herb or what ever you may call it. At your local Head shop they might tell you but smoking out of bongs delivers the maximum THC content  

Cheap Bongs could compete on a very large scale regarding the looks of the piece. For example the piece above could be around the same price as the bong below but still have more glass attachments added on to it .
 If you can Find a ROOR for cheap then JUMP ON THAT DEALT QUICK.  Be aware that there are people who make fake ROORS and sell for regular price. There are many ways to tell the difference beetween real and fake.

These Vodka Bongs Are Truly not bongs, but when you wanna go cheap and have great quality theirs no better option. Takes a little Skill to make but very simple with the write tools. Below Is a Finished Vodka BOTTLE BONG


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