July 27, 2011

What is Marijuana Kush Weed Exotics?

OG kush marijuana plant
OG Kush Weed
Originally from california this marijuana strain is very loud. Why does OG Kush Weed cost so much money. In new york the sell marijuana on the corner for low prices even if its exotic weed. Pineapple Kush is in the class as kush marijuana because of the movie pineapple express.

Girl With a weed Tattoo
Girls also Love to Smoke Exotic Weed and Marijuana
My sister smokes marijuana all the time. Only Purple Kush weed tho never low grade kush in my house. When a women smokes its usually small joint papers and doobies and chop hash up with the haze strain. Most Girls dont even know how much a gram of pot is or the THC Levels in marijuana. So all you chicks out there you can forget about the no thc weed.

video on Types of Exotic Weeds

Legalize Marijuana


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