July 28, 2011

What is Shisha?

Shisha is a type of tobacco usually smoked out of a hookah at a shisha cafe or hookah bar. It comes in many flavors not just regular fruit flavors, theres stuff like "Star Buzz Shisha" and "Tangiers Shisha" and many more Exotic Flavors.
Starbuzz Shisha Flavor

What are the Shisha Ingredients?
Shisha is a very premium tobacco with extreme flavor in it. It also has a bit a marijuana in it too. Herbal shisha can have up to 3 chemicals in it but its good to smoke.

Shisha and a Hookah

What Does Shisha Taste Like?
Shisha taste very smooth. Nothing like a blunt or cigar. Its like you don't even feel the smoke in your lungs. You just exhale and taste the flavor that you picked.

Effects of Shisha
What are The effects of Shisha?
The effects of shisha are very body and mind relaxing. I would say that Shisha is nothing like the effects marijuana. Is Shisha Bad for your health? My answer to that is yes because smoking any thing is bad for you but its very harmless tho.


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