July 21, 2011

What is Snoop Doggs favorite Weed

Medical Dope is by far The most potent according to Snoop

These Buds Came From the Same area Snoop Bought his last Big Batch. STRAIGHT FIRE
The Doggfather, as blunt as ever ... maybe even more "blunt" than usual spoke to TMZ giving quite the prep talk on how To Be a "G". Snoop was gone off that Medical shittttt!! straight from cal-i-forni-a.

Gotta Love His career choice. Snoop Goes on and talks about his peronal opinions on smoking (ex. BONGS, BLUNTS, PIPES, JOINTS ect.) He even lets us get in on the kind of strains he loves and them munchie foods you could die for.
-Blue Carpet treatment
-Purple Kush

Here go that video of Snoop and Wiz Exclusively smoking on that new strain "Black Dynamite". My opinion Snoop will OUTSMOKE anybody! Mans A G.

How dont they get it trouble for smoking some of his best weed up in da club?
Oh YEAAA  ... He Snoop

When Snoop Visits Amsterdam He Finds the Nearest Bike and is off To one of the best Smoke shops, " The Bull Dog". But when You Get STUPID HIGH in Amsterdamn Watch Out !! Watch As Snoops body guard has to get rid of ALL THE LOCAL THC LOVERS


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