August 14, 2011

Street Hood Fight - Knocked Out Sleeping!

This was the case of 2 Guys fighting over a Basketball Game. The dark skinned guy knocked out the bigger light skinned dude. After the one punch knock-out he would keep hitting him in the face at least 100 times then finish it off with a kick in the face.

August 13, 2011

Can you Grow Marijuana Underwater?

Underwater Weed Grow
Growing marijuana underwater can be done. Its called hydro, the process is very expensive and you must have the right water and light source. The marijuana will be very potent if grow underwater in hydroponics.

August 12, 2011

How to Make Marijuana Brownies? + Video

Marijuana Brownie
 Learn The secret forumula to making the best weed brownies. We would reccommend that you use regular marijuana because its perfect for cooking with. A key part of this marijuana brownie recipe is the butter.

Making Marijuana Brownies

Mix all of the marijuana into the brownie mix and stir untill the weed is fused with the brownie. then put into a bake tray heat your oven to about 365 degrees and let them cook for about 20 mins. Once the weed brownies are cooked you can let them cool off or just start eating them.

Cooking Marijuana Brownies Video

August 10, 2011

2011 PGA Tour Championships Coverage + Live Video Coverage

PGA Tour 2011
2011 PGA Championship Should Be Full Of Fireworks
The PGA Championship of 2011 is set to begin in less than 24 hours. The greats of the game are currently gathered in Atlanta and most of them spent the day getting familiar with the greens, learning of their Thursday pairings and structuring their schedules around their opening round PGA Championship tee times. As is the case with most tournaments of high prestige, the PGA Championship leaderboard is likely to be filled with the usual suspects and sprinkled with a few rookies and other surprises.

The 2011 PGA Season is entering the home stretch, but the overall rankings are missing a familiar name. An injured knee temporarily forced Tiger Woods out of a tournament in early May and prompted the longtime top-ranked player to take three months off to gather himself mentally and physically. He made his return in last weekend's WGC Bridgestone Invitational and grinded his way to a 37th place tie.

In Tiger's absence, a bevy of talented players have been able to sample the rare air of the number one ranking. Steve Stricker held the top position until Rory McIlroy dominated the 2011 U.S. Open in Maryland toward the end of June. Brit Luke Donald won The Barclays last month and has occupied the pole position ever since.

PGA Championship TV coverage will be handled by a handful of cable channels on Thursday and Friday before CBS takes over, telecasting the action live from coast-to-coast on Saturday and Sunday.

Live Video Coverage*

Drinking hennessy black liquor

Me and my friend were getting drunk on a bottle of henny black cognac  that we got from the liquor store the bottle is shiny black it looks as if it's not even glass because you can't see into it to see the actual liquid the cognac  is very smooth and it is better than regular hennesy

Henny black vs regular hennessy

Yahoo hennessy black is much smoother than hennessy regular because it is very special it's gets you a lot more drunk hennessy black basically more strong

55-Year Old White Rapper - Livin The Life

Smoking a joint going to smokers choice

Puffing a nice joint. About to get some k2 spice from smokers choice. I figured I would take a picture of the joint we were smoking. There was a seed in the joint which sucked!

August 9, 2011

Dime bag of weed

Just bought a dime bag of weed from my marijuana dealer across the street it is rag and I know that it is not kush marijuana because kush is exotic weed the bag of weed is a dime and it is all shake marijuana butts I know that the dime bag he is a playboy bag

August 8, 2011

August 6, 2011

Police attacking Black People so they Fight

Black Girl with a Ratchet Booty!

She got a Donk!

Drake New Headlines Song " They Know" + Lyrics and Song Download

Drakes Take Care Album Cover art Headlines
Drake Drops his new killer single "headlines" its a banger. He is rapping better than lil wayne and rick ross in this one. J cole and big sean better step there game up cuz drake is hot right now and they know.

Drake Headlines Lyrics

    I might be too strung out on compliments in overdosed on confidence started not to get all fought and stop fearing a consequence drinking every night because we drink to our accomplishments fade we to long time slowed in in and out of consciousness they saying I'm back I agree with that  I just take my time with all this sheds I still believe in that  I know you are sure they are is a way to itself as an x and a day now and you can tell me how you came t I had someone tell me I fell off who I needed back and they want to see me take back a well where did I leave it acts I no I exaggerated being but now I got it like that and I know I can tell you things that you or I of my match ended in my shirt cause, just mobbing like that you know good and well that you don't want a problem like that you gone make some one around the catch a body like that no cities don't do it cause one of us goes in but we all go through it and jerseys that the money so jerseys always and goes my brothers I ain't even got to say that it just something they know  they know they know they know they know they know they know they know they know they know they know that the real is on the rise sought them other guys I even gave them a chance to decide now it's something they know they know they know they know they know they know they know they know they know me money over everything money allow my then she went and asked when and see I tell her I apologize it happened over time she said she misses the old sage bureau don't tent me if we don't did it now than will be well for review that gnome should that you've got is oh bird do you better do what you're supposed to do and, like I ain't not be all that but still I can't deny the fact that they know they know they know they know they know they know they know they know they know me know that the real is on the rise saw them other guys I even gave them a chance to decide

Download Carter 4
Lil Wayne Website

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What is Dank Bud?

image of Dank Bud
Have you ever took a hit of marijuana that Expanded your lungs, made you cough and had your head stuck from thinking? Than you just smoked some Dank bud. Dank bud is not that hard to find now days maybe 2 years ago it was rare but now its very popular in suburbs as well as city's. Dank Bud is also referred to as Exotic marijuana or high grade weed. Dank bud can consist of these different strains below.

Dank Buds List

  1. Og Kush
  2. Purple Haze
  3. Sour Diesel
  4. Northern Lights
  5. Grandaddy Purp

Who is lucille ball? 100th Birthday?

Have you ever watched the show I love Lucy? Luille Ball plays Lucy in that show. In The 1960's I love lucy was a very popular hit comedy show. Google even has changed its logo to lucille Ball today!

Happy 100th Birthday Lucille Ball!

Lucille Ball
She won many awards starred in many great movies. Lucille made us Americans laugh at times when they where bad. Lucille ball is also very sexy, shes a bad bitch. Shit i would pipe flames. Happy 100th Birthday.

August 5, 2011

Big Sean in Jail for Sexual Assult Charge + Guilty?

Big Sean Assult Charge
Big sean was at a concert in buffalo new York doing a show and making his money. A girl had told the police that big sean may have sexually assaulted her. Girls now days do any thing to get a brother locked up. Hold your head big sean.

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August 4, 2011

Virginia Tech Gunman Lockdown

Virginia Tech had a lockdown today (8/4/11) because of an alleged gunman that was supposedly lurking on the premise. After a thurough search and investigation it was found that there was no threat on the college campus and the virginia tech lockdown was lifted. Was there a Virginia Tech gunman or possible shooting today? Luckily there was no one hurt but there is no guarentee that this even is over. Perhaps the gunman heard that word was out on the lockout so he hid until a later time.

Sketch of the gunman

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Huckabee 9/11 Cartoon For Kids

The Mike Huckabee cartoon, which is an animated reenactment of the terrorist acts that occurred on 9/1, is a new video that is supposed to help explain the event to kids.

As the world moves further away from that date, now nearly 10 years after the terrorist attack, The newer generations of children have no idea what 9/11 is. Is it really nescessary to show this cartoon to children and implant sterotypical images of middle eastern extremists in their mind? Will this video be shown to our nations youths in school?

Huckabee 9/11 Cartoon Racial Profiling

I think that the cartoon is going after to young of an audience. That sort of violence should not be expressed to a child until they reach a certain age. But then again, is it important for our children to be aware of terroism in the world. It is important to keep the generations informed to prevent naivety among the population.

Check Out The Video Here

August 3, 2011

What is Nexus S XDA

Nexus s xda software
The android developers are making some apps that will improve you phones speed up to 3.4 times the average android phone has. Google will intergrate its blog technology for the phone with wordpress and blogger support. the Nexus s xda developers have sofware ready but are also still testing the xda on certain phone because it need a certain type of hard ware to run it. Lots of people run a program called gingerbread to get free stuff on their android see more about gingerbread.

XDA Nexus S Developer Video

August 2, 2011

Girl with a Phat Booty

Thick Booty Chick

Meek Mill Freestyle Cosmic Kev - Otis & Dream Chasers

Meek mill does some acapella freestyles with his boss rick ross beside him at the radio show.

Rick Ross & Meek Mill

Soulja Boy - My City - Video + Song Lyrics

My City Bring you to my city
Welcome to my city
let you ride around my city
soulja boy new hit single

Meek Mill Falls off a 4 wheeler - Funny!

rapper meek mill riding a 4 wheeler and falls off the back while poping a wheelie.

rapper meek mill

Rick Ross Maybach Music Jewelry & Rick Ross Showing Chains

Rick ross loves to stunt and show off his collection of jewelry. He has alot of money so its probably nothing to the boss rick ross. Rick ross has just made is new group Self made on his maybach music grind though def jam. His group features, Meek Mill, Wale and rapper pill. The Triple C's have vanished off the market only one left from that is gunplay and he is still doing his thing.

Black and White Diamond Chain - Maybach Music
Rick Ross Chain - Maybach Music Jewelry

Kim Kardashian In shower with Baby Mason

Kim kardashian is all naked in the shower with no clothing on. I bet you guys want to see that booty. but the baby get to see everything.

Baby Mason

How to blog for money?

Making a blog for money starts at you brain. You must be able to think about what things will actually bring you money or make you buisness better. You blog must follow guidelines set by YOU! Are you ready to put in the hard work of blogging. "Anything worth having you gotta blog for it"

Make Money Blogging Now?
The only way to make money blogging at this very moment is to start blog post right now. if you spend your time blogging than trying to learn to blog you would have more money.

How can adsense help my blog?
Adsense is a way for you to earn revenue from you blog. If you just add sense to the equation you would be a rich person.

Haze Weed

Haze weed is a very potent exotic marijuana strain. Haze weed comes in many different variety's like Siver haze and purple haze. Hip hop rappers often smoke blunts of haze in rap videos. Haze cost the same amout as kush does and you can buy haze in California with no problem. 

Purple Haze weed


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