August 4, 2011

Huckabee 9/11 Cartoon For Kids

The Mike Huckabee cartoon, which is an animated reenactment of the terrorist acts that occurred on 9/1, is a new video that is supposed to help explain the event to kids.

As the world moves further away from that date, now nearly 10 years after the terrorist attack, The newer generations of children have no idea what 9/11 is. Is it really nescessary to show this cartoon to children and implant sterotypical images of middle eastern extremists in their mind? Will this video be shown to our nations youths in school?

Huckabee 9/11 Cartoon Racial Profiling

I think that the cartoon is going after to young of an audience. That sort of violence should not be expressed to a child until they reach a certain age. But then again, is it important for our children to be aware of terroism in the world. It is important to keep the generations informed to prevent naivety among the population.

Check Out The Video Here


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