September 30, 2011

What is a Quarter Pound Ounces and Dubs of Weed

Quarter Pound
The prices of a quater pound is going up and down now days. Dubs are starting to cost about 25 dollars in some areas. I just got a ounce of fire medical grade weed. Its lasted me about 2 weeks. I smoke alot. I also sip jim beam when smoke and eating breakfast.

Do Girls Grow Weed?

Girl Growning Weed


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HIGHTIMES.COM > MAY 2011 Cover Page

One of the best marijuana magazines of our time. Tons of growing guides and bud pictures.

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September 28, 2011

What is Watermelon OG Kush?

Watermelon Kush
Watermelon kush is so sweet when you smell it that you would swear that it was fake. The watermelon taste on the smoke taste very good. Dont worry this marijuana does not have any watermelon seeds.

September 25, 2011

Easiest Way to Roll a Blunt

Easy rolled Blunt
There are many ways to roll a blunt, but we are going to show you the easiest way to roll a bunt. Most people get the hang of rollling blunts by repetition. Here you can learn so many type of blunt rolling methods that you can choose for you self with is easiest for you.

Top 2 Easiest Ways To Roll Blunts

12 Second Blunt Roll ( easy )
To learn the 12 second blunt roll you must first know the ins and out of rolling blunts. 1st thing I want you to know is Speed is you friend in this method. It may take a few practice tries but once you get the hang of it you will be rolling blunts nice and easy.

One Leaf Blunt Technique ( medium )
This method is going to take more time and practice, because when you actually roll the blunt you will need to take the Leaf of of the actual blunt. After you learn the One sheet Technique it might even be easier than the first technique that you learned. A good tip to know when doing this one is to not wet the blunt as much as you would do a regular blunt, because it will be more flimsy.

Best Kush Marijuana Strains of 2011

Pineapple Kush
1. Pineapple Kush
When pineapple Kush came on the kush scene every marijuana grower was asking how do you grow Pineapple Kush? Pineapple Kush has a very sweet scent but when you actually smoke it you get a very heady high that is one of a kind. In California medical marijuana shops they actually serve a strain called purple pineapple kush it has purple hairs on it. Some People call it Pineapple Express Marijuana.

Blueberry Kush
2. Blueberry Kush
Blueberry Kush is very strong and loud. Its also Known as Blueberry Yum Yum. The color of blueberry kush is very blue and purple but its still green in certain areas. Blueberry Haze is also a medical marijuana that smokers love.

Sour Kush
3. Sour Kush
Sour Kush is a medical strain of marijuana. It is mostly a sativa blend which makes for a light head high. This weed is very strong, You would expect that from a blend of Sour Diesel and Kush. This kush strain is popular among pot smokers.

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The Weed Purple Haze

Weed Purple haze is one of the strongest and most dank bud you can buy. It is true that the actual bud is purple in color, mixed with green of course. Many smokers are always on a constant hunt for purple haze weed because of how good of a high it gives you.
Weed: Purple Haze

Smoking the weed purple haze will make you realize that smoking potent strains of marijuana is the only way to go. You may pay more money for the effect but it is well worth it.

When Will Medical Marij Be Legal?

I'm sitting here smoking a blunt wondering just when Medical Marij will be legal across the United States. There are many health benefits that come with smoking medical weed. The herb can help many patients that are suffering multiple symptoms such as headaches, nausea, and depression.

Medical Marij Vs. Prescribed Meds
Believe it or not marijuana is a much  safer alternative to many of the prescription medications on the market today. Medical Marij is a natural substance that through research, is turning out to be a plausible treatment for cancer, glaucoma, arthritis, and numerous other diseases.

Medical Marij

September 24, 2011

Snoop Dogg: Why I Smoke Weed

Why I Smoke Weed?
Rapper Snoop Dogg is a long time weed smoker and has made himself famous for smoking pot almost as much as he is for rapping. Snoop started smoking when he was in school just like many American children do every year. He continued smoking throughout his young life and continues to do so today. If Snoop was to ask himself Why I smoke weed, he would probably say it helps clear his mind when he gets in the booth and is just an overall relaxant.

War on weed

The war on weed has been very controversial the past few decades. Most of the time that people get caught with weed, generally, people try it to stash in diffrent parts of the car when smuggling it through diffrent parts of the region. Usually people think that keeping it hidden in secretive locations which in reality will be found eventually thanks to the boys in  blue.

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Does Weed relieve stress?

 Stress can be relieved in various ways. Marijuana is a very distinct way of getting rid of stress because you forget about all the neagtives in your life as soon as you inhale the smoke from weed and it starts to take effect. Everybody has a moment in the day where they want to blow off some steam and relax from a hard day off work, therefore why not smoke some cannabis?

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Bagging up the Weed

When bagging up weed weigh the dimes bigger than you dub. Bag you nicks up with sandwich bags. Put the money next to you bags while you are bagging up. Floss your guap also. I Bagged up 3 dimes earlier today and people said those dimes are fat hiemers.

Where To Buy Bags For Weed?

When selling marijuana, it is important to choose the right bags for weed. Some customers like when you use a sandwich bag so the buds are displayed across the bottom. This sometimes makes your bag of weed look bigger then what it actually is. Some drug dealers use small bags for weed. They come in many different sizes and sometimes have designs on them. Keep in mind that it is important to choose the right kind of small baggies for weed. Sometimes they make your amounts look skimpy.

marijuana bags

good bags for weed

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