September 16, 2011

The History of Marijuana

Marijuana is a Ancient Herb
Marijuana is a ancient herb from the north coast of Africa marijuana has been around since 1972. Many tribes and nationalities use marijuana for daily use and its healing powers. The ancient Aztecs smoke marijuana also the first Indians use marijuana  even ancient Rome smoked weed.
History of Marijuana in America
 and America most marijuana use comments from teenagers. Marijuana first came to America when the Mexican trade started bringing marijuana across the border,  basically they were smuggling marijuana into America. They first started  using it in 1973. America wants call that weed "the devils weed".  bought it later became a fact that marijuana was just a recreational drug.

Grass: History of Marijuana Video
Largest Marijuana Bust in History

the largest marijuana bust in the history is for New York city American gangster boss were they busted the biggest marijuana dealer in the city. he had over 3 pounds of  marijuana 400 bongs and tons of joint papers. the gangster boss who sold all this marijuana got sentenced to 15 years in prison and is outliving a regular life today.

History of Marijuana Laws
 the history of marijuana laws is a very confusing  due to the fact that marijuana should be legal. America does not want marijuana to be legal because they can't make money taxing it.  so  regular drug dealers just buy  at a wholesale price so they can sell it for more profit. If you are caught with marijuana and it's not over an ounce then you will be charged with a crime of unlawful possession of marijuana UPM.  marijuana is not a violent crimes so I think people should not be going to jail the marijuana laws are crazy history should change.


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