September 10, 2011

how to grow a plant

to grow a client you must have soil that is a very rich for the environment plants need tons of sunlight to grow if you want your plan to be very tall must nurture the planes did its lights with fluorescent light bulbs when the part is too small to plan won't have enough ruining to grow its roots so you need to go to target or some store where they had soil and growing supplies for all playgoers and farmers like that and the people they like to loan those who store did a play see rolled his seat at their house and then grow the plant now I don't know why they do this but for me I just row plants get money for growing influence at my file by farmers in Oklahoma which I don't even live in Oklahoma both does little to if you want to live in Oklahoma bullheaded gate you and me plant seeds grow your plant make sure the plant is physically fit for growing out all your house


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