October 31, 2011

How many people die everyday?


3 ounces of marijuana

3 0z of weed

Health Effects of smoking a Hookah

Your main concerns may be about how a hookah can effect you when you smoke it. Most people smoke shisha out of hookahs. Shisha has a relaxing and very suttle effect. The flavors are what people really like in them. The Effects of a hookah are not bad, I mean smoking is bad in general. Smoking a hookah Your health should be fine but dont make it a habit.

October 30, 2011

Nick Names for Weed Smokers

Some Nicknames you can call a weed smoker!

  • Pot head
  • Stoner
  • Geeker
  • Toker
  • Kush Junkie
  • mary jane specialist
  • Chronic Smoker
  • Reggier blower
  • Leaf Burner
  • Ganja Kid

Floyd Mayweather Net Worth Forbs | Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather Net Worth Forbs | Floyd Mayweather:

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Spider Kush Marijuana Strain

Spider webImage via WikipediaThe spider kush comes from California and gets its hairs grown with spider webs attached because of the crystals it has on it. We smoked the spider kush and we give it a 10 here at our studios.

October 29, 2011

Gay Soccer Referee Funny

Video on how to roll a joint

Pretty cool video showing how to roll up a nice joint. Its easy get some weed and try it yourself.

Old Black Guys Showing how to roll a blunt

he claims he in an expert and that he went to marijuana and he smoked with the best smokers ever. and marijuana cleans out you heart.

Black Cat Vs White Cat

Giant Anaconda Hunters - 20 Feet Long

Eunectes notaeusImage via Wikipedia These guys go all the way to guayana to catch a big anaconda snake in the amazon river. The anaconda is very heavy it retracts and tries to eat a human.

Anaconda in the Bathroom

Drumma Boy (Feat. Tity Boi, Gucci Mane & Young Buck) - I'm On Worldstar lyrics video

new gucci mane track with tity boi and drumma boy it goes im on worldstar 10 million views in a day
Drumma BoyImage via Wikipedia

Modern Warfare in 5 Minutes Video - Xbox 360 - IGN

MIAMI BEACH - NOVEMBER 04:  Estella Villar pla...Image by Getty Images via @daylifeModern Warfare in 5 Minutes Video - Xbox 360 - IGN: the next call of duty game will be awsome.  Video Gamers out there you must strap in and get ready.

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Kim Kardashians wedding with Kris Humphries

kim kadashian and her husband kris humprhies get married at a resort in mexico live on nbc news she looks very stunning.

October 28, 2011

Best Holloween Costumes of 2012

Halloween costumes at Barrio Antiguo, Monterre...Image via Wikipedia
Hot girls on holloween

Last-minute Halloween Costumes (7 Fun Ones) Planetsave: On holloween it is smart to save you money and make you own costume or you could just go to the store and they charge alot sometimes. Once i went into a party city store and they had a mask that cost $100. By the way these chicks are hot in thier pixie costumes

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New Max Payne 3 GamePlay Trailer

hopefully this max payne game will be better than the previous max payne game on ps2 and xbox original. Max payne 3 will be on xbox 360 and ps3, it will have the next generation gaming feel to is so lets see what the producers Rockstar Games can do.

babe in the swimmng pool

this babe has a thick booty. Her ratchet is phat and any guy would hit it. i think she is in puerto rico or some island luxury resort!

Grape Kush Is Baaacccckkkk :) @ 60/half 11/oz! - WeedTRACKER

Grape Kush Is Baaacccckkkk :) @ 60/half 11/oz! - WeedTRACKER:

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Ugly Girls Smoking a Hookah

some white chicks at a party smoking a hookah on the couch. The hookah is crazy and hit has only one hose or tube some people call it. Older white women smoking this it acutally looks like.

October 27, 2011

How to Make Hash Brownies?

Marijuana Hash Brownie Recipe

Hash Brownies
 welcome to the marijuana at Ronnie's recipe ingredients and cooking steps let's have some fun. brownies are very easy to make with a small cooking skill anyone can pick up a box of brownie mix and start doing it. Our directions are simple to follow and you will be able to create some tasty and powerful hash brownies with THC infused into them.  the brownies  we teach you to make will be soft and easy to make. in the main thing when making these is gitting the hash oil that's a whole different topic but  you can search hash oil in google  and figure out how to get it, or make it yourself. To get started all you will need is the ingredients listed below.

Hash Brownie Ingredients 
  • Brownie Mix 
  • Canna Butter
  • Hash Oil 
  • At least 4 Eggs
  • Milk
  • Chocolate Syrup
  • Almonds
 me as our issue of the things that I used when I make my hash brownies. Almonds and chocolate syrup are not  needed unless you want your brownies to taste better and sweeter. you may not have to used four eggs  depending on how many brownies you are making.  for more information on making the actual brownies look on the back of your brownie mix box.
Hash Brow that I think of him as a of for him in the own goal in thenie Mix
Hash Brownie Cooking Steps
1/2 lb butter, 1 c sugar, 1/4 c water and 1 tb...Image via Wikipedia follow my hash brownie cooking steps and I will give you the tips you need when you're going to be a  cooking something as advanced  as these. if you're still wondering about  the canna butter and Hash oil  all you need to do is put water in a pot with some real butter ( not margarine ) then put some weed in the boiling water and butter and let that boil for about 1 hour slowly. then  drain water into a bowl le
t it cool then get the butter off the water. that was directions to make canna butter now this is how you make the brownies.

  • Put brownie mix in bowl
  • add all the ingredients needed
  • stir up the ingredients( 4 mins then let sit , stir for 8 more mins so it can be smooth good)
  • empty every thing into pan
  • set your oven to 350 degrees
  • cook for about 20 mins or less
  • Tune these directions to the back of you brownie box
Remove your brownies from the oven and  let them cool for about 7 mins. Dont eat more then one at a time they can you very high. try a little corner wait 40 mins for effects. Enjoy!

chronic Weed: Chocolate Red Velvet Marijuana Cupcakes

chronic Weed: Chocolate Red Velvet Marijuana Cupcakes:

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Cleavleand Cavalier Lebron James Highlights

Lebron Playoff Performances
lebron james Was the Cleveland Cavaliers best scorer at times 18 then to the NBA finals but loosing to the Boston Celtics. Lebron James is one of the best NBA players of our time he dunks like no other player has dunked. here we had a picture of a rookie Lebron James and his Cleveland Cavaliers gives them the right that in the NBA kids. quoted it is

Lebron James
      Lebron James what one  of the most dynamic basketball players of our time. His dunks were always spectacular. The cavs drafted him number one overall pick of the draft that year over carmelo anthony. Since his rookie year lebron James has been an all star!

October 26, 2011

Where does Kim Kardashian Shop at?

Kim usually shops at gucci an louie but now she has gotten addicted to shopping at hollister and american eagale outfitters, she say that  there jeans fit and her booty well. The kardashians love to switch it up alot when it comes to clothes so they can be at the top there game.

Floyd Mayweathers Reebok boyxing shoes

Boxer floyd mayweather recently singed a 3 million dollar deal with reebok to sell boxing shoes. you good kids are already preordering the boxing shoes.   he will be selling the shoes at finish line in a foot locker.  the boxing shoes that Floyd mayweather has are all white and they had a dangling material from them to show he is it about flash and money

Two Hot Latinas

belief sexy my knees heart went out we goes finest wedding with big guys and long red hair sister and daughter melts and slots they love to get wild.

girls high school basketball fights

the black girl jumps on the white girl tries to punch her in the Knowles she backed up a black girl misses but falls onto her the basketball bounces off the white girls head and when they find it have been sold fast bad we can't even get it on video so we does bring you these pictures of the site is the Northeastern lost Angeles high school of one in versus the Southhampton high school for girls.

panoramic picture ofNew York

and a here is a picture of the whole city in a panoramic motion nor your is a big city but our cameras on helicopters catch images of all of its with the island surrounded by water and all the bridges leading out of the mainstream big apple center of New York and at Central Park why are the clouds gray in the picture is great and black why is the city so big why are the buildings in the city still in why are there black buildings all these questions lead to one answer people in New York City have a lot of money they spend their money daily on things like food transportation apples groceries and many other things there are tons of rich people in New York because the cost of living is much higher in New York that it is and tons of other places in the United States of America people in New York make it day by day there is thousands of people walking the streets with nowhere to go hold bulls with their dirty street living cells. everything goes down in the city of New York

Skinny Legs

this chick has some small thighs and legs. she even walks tricky because her legs are still spinning her many are blue and black and hat and hearty logos on them at a small blue bowtie herb ads are flat with no tone and recognition butts are buying is fine. pictures on legs

high yellow field

what is this a cornfield I don't know what every piece of grass on the field is yellow there is a road going through a field with a yellow truck driving fast. It's a common picture but the highlighted yellow hurts my eyes.

brunette women with white jogging suit

this hot brunette women wears a white jogging suit and holds her long black hair in her hand she is the perfect wife she looks like she can be China's light but still very sexy this girl is very skinny and hot on the bang her everyday if I could she also wears Christian art is a jump suits for fun she's very bored and she pulls permanent

Shiny White Gold Chrome Mercedes Benz SLR | Hottest Whips

View: Shiny White Gold Chrome Mercedes Benz SLR | Hottest Whips:

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Mercedes-Benz F400 "Carving" PrototypeImage via Wikipedia

October 22, 2011

Obama says No to Marijuana?

Obama Marijuana Nope Poster
Will America Smoke Weed?
Official presidential portrait of Barack Obama...Image via WikipediaAs the government tries to take weed out of our communities they also look to tax it and make money from it. Often smokers dont realize that marijuana is a cash crop and selling in can get america out of debt. At first i thought Obama was for marijuana until I recently looked at his campaign poster that reads "Nope" and has a marijuana leaf centered on it.

October 21, 2011

Feds get pot shops closed in Orange County California

Medical marijuana neon sign at a dispensary on...Image via Wikipedia
Many marijuana pot shops have been doing business illegally in the state of California. The feds and the police task force have just shut down six illegally run medical marijuana shops.  The owners will have to pay over $600,000 in legal fees.

If you do not have the license to sell medical marijuana, it would be a good idea not to try and sell it.  If you get caught you could faced Federal time in prison and pay tons of cash!

Fed prosecutors force pot clinics out of business by threatening landlords with prosecution - The Washington Post:

October 2, 2011

How do you smoke weed?

A joint prior to rolling, note paper mouthpiec...Image via WikipediaIf you are looking to learn how to smoke weed then you are in the right place. There are tons of ways to smoke weed, you can smoke out of a blunt or you can smoke out of a bong. most people never smoked weed in their lifetime but I'm sure you're looking for a way to do so.  the way that you actually smoke weed is you burn the weed and inhale the smoke from the burning plants.  below I have a list of ways that you can smoke weed.
  1.  bong
  2.  blunt
  3.  pipe
  4.  rolling papers
  5.  hookah
  6.  Apple
  7.  aluminum foil
  8.  gravity bong
 and these are just a few ways to smoke weed. But there are tons of other ways to smoke weed and tutorials on how to smoke weed. I would  recommend that you  search on Google or  youtube  and for better instructions.

How to not cough smoking weed?

BOY AND GIRL SMOKING POT DURING AN OUTING IN C...Image via WikipediaIf you are smoking weed and every time you hit it you  cough, then you need to learn how to smoke correctly. is the smoke burning your throat?  all you need to do is follow these steps and you will not caugh while smoking weed.

  1.  inhale the smoke into your mouth, and not your lungs
  2.  blow a smoke bubble with the smoke
  3.  quickly suck the smoke is  back into your lungs
  4.  exhale slowly after two seconds
 if you smoke like this every time then you will never caugh. the reason why people caugh us is because they are smoking too hard and fast and he needs to slow down. the next time you are smoking weed  follow these steps and I'm sure you won't  cough.

How do you Not smoke weed?

SmokinImage by protokol via Flickr if you're looking to never smoke weed or even stop smoking weed being use should find a hobby. Something that will take your mind away from smoking.  if your friends are smoking marijuana then it might be a good choice for you to pick a set of new friends. if you do not smoke we then your brain will develop faster than people who do smoke weed.

 Some things I do to Not Smoke weed
  1. play video games 
  2.  read the newspaper
  3.  play a sports
  4.  do your homework
  5.  find something different to smoke (not recommended)
  6.  go on face book
  7.  erase all your dealers out of your phone
  8.   start a blog
  9.  train your dog
  10.  go to the mall
  11.  watch a movie
  12.  talk on the phone
 all these things are stuffed that you can do instead of smoking weed. most people who smoke weed cost reduction and what is back in school our only do it because they are bored and have nothing to do. if you fill your schedule up with activities then you won't have time to smoke weed at all.

How to do Situps and ab Crunches

Doing a Inclined Ab Workout
Which Ab Workout improves Tone the fastest?

out of the many ab workouts some gain muscle faster. Certain tips and exercises work your ab muscles to the max. Having rock hard abs can be easy if you just stick to your plan. Below I have a list of the best ab workouts, you choose which one best fits you.
These ab workouts will be enough to slim down your six pack and give you the look that your looking for. Do each of these exercises once a day and watch the results.

How do you do Sit Ups?

How to perform an Ab Crunch

Doing a Ab Crunch
Doing regular Ab Crunches can be very effective. An ab crunch is very easy to do, you simply lay down as if you were doing a regualar Sit Up, but your crunching your abs together as if you were touching your head to your stomach. Learning an ab crunch is easier when you see it on video so i have one below.
Doing a Sit up
Doing Sit Ups The Right Way
Do you want to learn how to do a sit up? If you doing them to loose weight or even gain muscle then you must do them correctly. A perfect sit up will always help you abs.

CrunchImage via Wikipedia
  1. Lay down on you back
  2. Make sure your hands are flat on the floor
  3. bend your knees about 90 degrees
  4. Make sure you feet are flat on the floor also
  5. Do a sit up 
Live Strong Video: How to do a Sit up 


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