October 2, 2011

How do you smoke weed?

A joint prior to rolling, note paper mouthpiec...Image via WikipediaIf you are looking to learn how to smoke weed then you are in the right place. There are tons of ways to smoke weed, you can smoke out of a blunt or you can smoke out of a bong. most people never smoked weed in their lifetime but I'm sure you're looking for a way to do so.  the way that you actually smoke weed is you burn the weed and inhale the smoke from the burning plants.  below I have a list of ways that you can smoke weed.
  1.  bong
  2.  blunt
  3.  pipe
  4.  rolling papers
  5.  hookah
  6.  Apple
  7.  aluminum foil
  8.  gravity bong
 and these are just a few ways to smoke weed. But there are tons of other ways to smoke weed and tutorials on how to smoke weed. I would  recommend that you  search on Google or  youtube  and for better instructions.


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