October 2, 2011

How to do Situps and ab Crunches

Doing a Inclined Ab Workout
Which Ab Workout improves Tone the fastest?

out of the many ab workouts some gain muscle faster. Certain tips and exercises work your ab muscles to the max. Having rock hard abs can be easy if you just stick to your plan. Below I have a list of the best ab workouts, you choose which one best fits you.
These ab workouts will be enough to slim down your six pack and give you the look that your looking for. Do each of these exercises once a day and watch the results.

How do you do Sit Ups?

How to perform an Ab Crunch

Doing a Ab Crunch
Doing regular Ab Crunches can be very effective. An ab crunch is very easy to do, you simply lay down as if you were doing a regualar Sit Up, but your crunching your abs together as if you were touching your head to your stomach. Learning an ab crunch is easier when you see it on video so i have one below.
Doing a Sit up
Doing Sit Ups The Right Way
Do you want to learn how to do a sit up? If you doing them to loose weight or even gain muscle then you must do them correctly. A perfect sit up will always help you abs.

CrunchImage via Wikipedia
  1. Lay down on you back
  2. Make sure your hands are flat on the floor
  3. bend your knees about 90 degrees
  4. Make sure you feet are flat on the floor also
  5. Do a sit up 
Live Strong Video: How to do a Sit up 


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