October 2, 2011

How to not cough smoking weed?

BOY AND GIRL SMOKING POT DURING AN OUTING IN C...Image via WikipediaIf you are smoking weed and every time you hit it you  cough, then you need to learn how to smoke correctly. is the smoke burning your throat?  all you need to do is follow these steps and you will not caugh while smoking weed.

  1.  inhale the smoke into your mouth, and not your lungs
  2.  blow a smoke bubble with the smoke
  3.  quickly suck the smoke is  back into your lungs
  4.  exhale slowly after two seconds
 if you smoke like this every time then you will never caugh. the reason why people caugh us is because they are smoking too hard and fast and he needs to slow down. the next time you are smoking weed  follow these steps and I'm sure you won't  cough.


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