October 26, 2011

panoramic picture ofNew York

and a here is a picture of the whole city in a panoramic motion nor your is a big city but our cameras on helicopters catch images of all of its with the island surrounded by water and all the bridges leading out of the mainstream big apple center of New York and at Central Park why are the clouds gray in the picture is great and black why is the city so big why are the buildings in the city still in why are there black buildings all these questions lead to one answer people in New York City have a lot of money they spend their money daily on things like food transportation apples groceries and many other things there are tons of rich people in New York because the cost of living is much higher in New York that it is and tons of other places in the United States of America people in New York make it day by day there is thousands of people walking the streets with nowhere to go hold bulls with their dirty street living cells. everything goes down in the city of New York


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