November 4, 2011

3 Most Potent MarijuanaStrains?

3 Most Potent Weeds
Depending on the THC level in marijuana we tested the top 3 strains to see what one was the most potent marijuana. First up we did White Widow and here what the lab brought back
Fresh Grown White Widow Bud

White Widow
When we speak of white widow people almost always thing of Amsterdam marijuana shops. People also love to smoke weed across seas its actually completely legal in some places but for sure their favorite most potent strain is white widow and northern light is a pretty good one also.
OG Kush Nugget is always high Potency

OG Kush
Og kush is actually equally as strong as white widow they both are most potent medical marijuana strains and come from  California. Og kush got its name from gangsters who only smoked the best marijuana and weed in their dutch master blunt.

Purple Haze Nugget Marijuana Plant
Purple Haze
The legendary purple haze is a sativa that is actually very potent and the color or is what attracted people to this. but this would be our third highest THC ratio that we tested.


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