December 24, 2011

How do you get Marijuana out of Hair Follicles?

There are many ways to get marijuana out of your hair follicles. You must follow the steps if you want to get all the weed out of your hair. Stay away for people smoking weed so you wont breath it. Follow my steps below to detoxify your hair.

How to get Weed out of your Hair -  6 Things you can Do
  1. Wash your Hair - With Shampoo!
  2. Drink Liquids - Water, Cranberry Juice, 
  3. Eat Fiber - More Fiber the Better
  4. Take Vitamin C - Believe us it Helps
  5. Build up a Sweat - Sweating helps extract marijuana from you Hair
  6. Buy Detox Cleansing Supplements - Unsafe but Fast
Doing these things will drastically cleanse your hair follicles and detox you body of marijuana. You could also do the method below.

Ancient Water Practice - Drink only Water one day out of the week


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