August 11, 2012

Real Life Avatar Spotting

Real Life Avatar Spotting In New York City
Real Avatar Spotting in New York City. Avatar on Earth. Real Life Avatar Human

August 1, 2012

Tupac Is Still Alive - Running Track in Jamaica

this new photo of tupac being alive and running track in jamaica is true he is not dead 2pac.

May 4, 2012

Ridin Round wit dat Nina Song - Cashin Out Video+ lyrics

360 oz so ridin round wit dat nina riding wit a hoe named kiesha smoking on kiesha. Got a condo on my wrist and yeah i cashin out

April 9, 2012

How to give someone a Purple Nurple

Giving someone a purple nurple can be very fun but it may hurt the other person. Before giving a purple nurple make sure your hands are clean and that the person you are doing it to is fine with it. If your just playing a joke then go ahead and do it.

A Purple Nurple is when you twist a persons nipple and it hurts them a little bit

How do give a purple nurple
  • take 2 of your fingers
  • grab the persons nipple
  • twist it - not to hard it hurts
  • then laugh
Be careful purple nurples can twist a nipple right off someone and they are extremely painful

How to become a werewolf

How to become a werewolf:

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April 4, 2012

How to fix a broken xbox 360?

If you xbox is acting funny and you dont want to send it of to microsoft and wait a long time or pay money to fix it you can try to fix it youself at you own cost. I will give you some tips that i use when something goes wrong with my xbox 360.

Red Rings of Death
The red rings of death can be a number of problems from your cords all the way to your CPU and Hard Drive. Pay close attention to you xbox 360 model type because Microsoft has released many different versions. There is the xbox 360 Slim which is made differently and the older white xbox witch is easier to fix but breaks more often. Sometimes a red ring may mean your plugs are not in all the way so just check all you power cords so every thing is working correctly.

Disc Tray Problems
When you disc tray wont open or keeps opening after you close it you will get very frustrated and probably bang it a few time to get it working. That is not so bad as long as you don't bang it to hard. Just wiggle the disc tray a little bit and try to get it back on track. If your problem still occurs call Microsoft and see what they say.

Where do white people come from?

White people are white because they come from a cold snowy region. The more its white and cold outside over the thousands of years you will become white. For example lets use polar bears they are all white but if they were in the hot sun they would be black or brown. If people in Africa were not so hot they would not be so black now would they. I think that people adapt to their climate. So white people came from up north where it is snowy and icebergs.

Why are white people white?
Because they are from places like Germany where everything else is white. Think about it if your surroundings where white you would be white as well. 

Why isn't everyone else white?
Because they have more sunlight they tan more so their skin becomes darker and darker until their kids become darker and darker so that it's in their genes now.

Are white people blonde haired blue eyed white devils?
Yes we all know that white people are evil and believe in racism and slaves, but the north wins slavery is bad. 

April 3, 2012

What is ADT Home Alarm System?

ADT is a alarm system company who you can call up buy home alarm systems and set them in you house for you protection. Your kids protection is usually guaranteed. If a robber breaks in you house your alarm can let the police know immediately and if you have a fire it also alarms the fire department also. It may be a good investment to buy an ADT alarm system just to keep protected.

Things ADT Can do for you

  • Fire 
  • Robbery 
  • Burgulary
  • Suspects 
  • Break ins
  • Shooting
  • Stabbings
  • Kidnappings
So Think about ADT.

How to stop running?

When you are running at fast speeds you may feel like your legs wont stop running. Your brain then forgets how to stop running and you can run into a wall or get really thirsty. If you are looking to cut down on running so much how about you just play a sport like basketball which has running in it.

How to stop running steps

  1. Start to slow down you pace first
  2. Start walking fast
  3. Have someone run with you to help you stop running
  4. Think of stopping 
  5. Take deep breaths 
  6. Use you arms when running
  7. Jump to a stop
Focus on other thing. Besides running. Find a hobby or activity to do or chill with some new friends basically any thing to help you stop running.

April 1, 2012

What is the Cinnamon Challenge?

This is a new trend that has swept over Facebook and many other social networks. Many people post status' about it, saying if they get a certain amount of likes they will post a video of them trying it. Though many don't know that it is dangerous, and very unhealthy.

How to Complete the Challenge
  1. Get a regular sized teaspoon, or a tablespoon if your brave enough
  2. Fill it completely with ground cinnamon
  3. Put the whole spoon in your mouth and eat all the cinnamon in one bite
  4. Good luck trying to swallow it all
First off cinnamon will dry out your mouth completely after it fills your mouth
It is likely that powder will start coming out of your nose, it will hurt
It is very hard to swallow powder with no liquid, so it will take a long time to get rid of all of it

** Have a drink poured and ready to help wash it down if you can succeed.

You dont deserve me quotes

Does you boyfriend of girlfriend not understand what they have. They may not deserve you and you have to express the fact that they don't deserve you.

You Don't Deserve Me Quotes

  • Better than you Ex and better than you Next
  • Your not on my level
  • Your doing this to yourself
  • You can kick rocks
  • Your my girl on the side
  • You you acting stupid
  • What the hell is wrong with you
  • You downgrade me
  • Your nothing but drama
  • You had a good thing

Why am I fat?

You are probably fat because you eat more calories than you burn on a daily basis and as you do this for a long period of time you will become fat. Just know people can be fat for many reasons. Think about this. Are your parents fat? Do you eat a good sized dinner every night. Do you exercise daily?

Why am I fat? - Reasons you may be Fat
  • Eating too much fast food - Fast food contains tons of carbs, fats, and calories
  • Not proportioned Diet - A unbalanced meal can lead to you gaining weight and  being fat
  • Not Exercising - Regular exercise will help you burn fat and stay in shape

Ways to Burn Fat and Become Skinny
If you are looking for ways to become skinny you should just stop go out side and start jogging around the block at a really slow pace do about 2 laps. Drink water to keep hydrated while exercising. After that i want you to rest for about 6 minutes. Go back out side and do more laps then rest again Do this every day. If you cant jog do something else. As long as you break a sweat your doing something.

March 31, 2012

How to set an Alarm Clock?

Alarm clocks are all different and nowadays some alarm clocks even set themselves. If you still have the instructions with your alarm then you can find out how to set it easily. Most alarm clocks have a button for minutes and a button for hours, also there is a button that says time and alarm, usually.

Steps to Setting you Alarm Clock
  1. Set the right time on your clock - make sure you check if its am or pm
  2. Hold the Alarm Button
  3. Press the hour button until you reach the hour you want to wake up
  4. Press the minute button to the minute you want to wake up
  5. let go of the alarm button and it should be set

I like to beat my dog?

Some pet owners get very agitated with their dogs, and even abuse them. It's very common to want to beat a dog that is disobeying it's owner or being naughty. Though it may be frustrating, beating your dog is not the answer. If your dog is not properly trained, the dog believes it is being beat for no reason. This will lead to a very unhappy dog and it will start acting even more disobedient. If you like beating your dog you should consider getting counseling or taking your anger and stress out on something else. Try to channel your anger towards other things, so you don't end up hurting your animal out of rage.

Tips to Stop Beating you Dog
  • Pet your dog and bond with it
  • Teach it when its young
  • Understand your Dog is a living being
  • Take to a pet training class
  • Remember dogs feel pain just like us
  • Talk in different tones to your dog - Dogs only understand not words

March 27, 2012

How to stop Jaw Clenching?

Soothing Jaw Muscles
To stop the clenching of the jaw and mouth while you are asleep or awake can be easy but hard to stop for good. There can be many reasons why you are clenching your jaw. Your Jaw could be too big or too small or your teeth can be crooked. This is very bad for you teeth because it can cause gum disease and wearing down of your teeth. Here we can show you some ways to Stop Jaw Clenching.

How to stop Jaw Clenching?

  • Sleep with a Mouth Guard In
  • Exercise your Jaw Muscles
  • Massage your Jaw Bone
  • Put a Napkin or Paper Towel between your teeth to stop grinding
  • Sleep On your Back
  • Chew with both sides of your mouth
Hopefully you can kick the habit of jaw clenching and have much more comfortable sleep without clenching your Jaw and Grinding your Teeth.

March 26, 2012

Who is Rapper Future?

Future is a southern rapper from down south he is tall black and has dread locks down to his shoulders. Future is most known for is hit singles Tony Montana and Magic. Future is often confused with rapper titty boi because they have similar looks.

who is 2 chains?

Titty Boi
2 chains is a rapper from Atlanta who was originally signed to rapper ludacris. 2 chains is also called titty boy and he was in a rap group called playaz circle. Titty boi 2 chains has long dreads and he is a talented rapper. He recently released a line of mix tapes witch boosted his stardom and made other rappers want to feature them on there songs.

March 23, 2012

How to make money on Youtube?

Making Money with Yotube
YouTube is a cool video sharing website where you can upload your own videos. You can upload as many videos as you want at any time you want. YouTube has been around about 5 years and it is now owned by Google. Some people make $1000 a day from there you tube videos. Its easy for you to make money from you tube also. Just make your own videos and don't use any copyrighted material.

Steps to Making Money on Youtube

  1. Create a youtube account
  2. Costumize you youtube channel
  3. Think of a topic or Niche you videos will be asscoiated with
  4. Start planning you videos out and get the props you need
  5. Record high quality videos that will become viral on the web
  6. Sign up for an adsense account 
  7. Link you adsense account to YouTube
  8. Now the more views you get the more money you will make
This is a very easy process as long as you follow my directions. Once your videos are popular and you get fans and subscribers viewing your videos every day you will learn the ins and outs. Your channel will be famouse for whatever you want and you will get paid cash money for it.

March 20, 2012

Chris Daughtry Smoking Weed

Here is a recently leaked photo of singer Chris Daughtry smoking weed with some of his friends in a van. As you can see the bus is pretty baked out.

*This Picture Is not real it was photoshopped for fun here is the real picture

Rapper Lil Eto Smoking Sour

Lil Eto Smoking Weed
Check out rochester rapper Lil Eto smoking a blunt of weed. He is smoking a one sheeter in this pic. Looks like he rolled up some weed in a dutch.

March 19, 2012

What is a hydroponic grow system?

the hydropinic grow system is basically a different method of growing your weed plant or any type of plant you are growing. The hyropinic method means that you are growing plants in water and you are not using any soil.

How can Marijuana  Grow in Water/Hydroponics?
Scientist figured out that when your growing plants in soil the only thing the plants are using is the soil for certain nutrients and a stabilizer. So when you water you plants all your doing is helping the plants absorb the nutrients from the soil. Now the actual soil its self is not needed. If just had water with the nutrients already in them ten that is all you will need thus making it now hydroponics growing.

What are the Advantages of Hydroponics Grow systems? Pros
  • Ability to increase nutrient value and start rapid growth cycles
  • Less cost due to not having to buy soil
  • Save money and time by not having to water your plants
  • Very easy to keep bugs away from you plants witch is very usful
What are the Disadvantages of Hydroponics grow systems? Cons
  • Equipment cost at first you will need a to buy a hydroponics system
  • Wilting of the plants if they are exposed to too much water - can cause immediate death of plant

Hydroponics Grow System - Marijuana

March 15, 2012

How do you grow purple weed?

Growing purple marijuana can be done one of 2 ways. There is a real way and a fake way to grow your own purple weed. If you want real purple marijuana you will have to find a legit strain of purple weed and then grow regular. If you don't care about growing the official purple marijuana then you can use the low light method that growers are using these days.

How to Grow Purple Marijuana Growing Method

  1. Buy some Regular marijuana seed does not have to be a specific strain
  2. Buy some nice grade potting soil so you weed plants can grow correctly
  3. Buy lighting so you plant can have light
  4. Also for this to work you must grow indoors
  5. While your plant is in its early adult stages at night turn off the light
  6. Lower the temperature in the plants room to really cold
  7. This will make the plants turn shades of purple

This is very easy but just know that you plants will be actually purple haze or grandaddy purple they will just have the color that people look for these days. 

Can you die from smoking weed?

a buddy of my asked me if he could die from smoking weed. So i did research on if any one had died from smoking marijuana. I had no luck finding any one who died. I looked at the facts about the drug marijuana and it only contains thc witch is not a harmful drug at all, it actually is a cure for many things. The answer is no you cannot die from smoking weed.

March 14, 2012

What is Piff Weed?

If you hear the term piff weed it usually mean marijuana in general. Piff weed can be low grade marijuana or high grade marijuana. You may hear people say "do you have piff" or "Where can i buy some piff". More and more people are starting to say the word piff its fairly unknown and cops dont pick up on it well. So basically Piff is weed in general. Most smokers just use the word exotic fire haze loud or skunk but most often they say bud. Real marijuana smoker usually know these terms.

March 13, 2012

Kush Marijuna Wiki

The Famous Kush Weed could be put in any blunt, smoked with the best the best bongs and ripped out of the coolest pipes.

OG Kush
OG Kush

  • Kush is one of the strongest strains of marijuana that people Smoke Every day
  • OG Kush has been tested and has the highest THC level of any other weed strain
  • Purple OG Kush has a Grape taste to it but, is also very strong
Purple Og Kush Strain Review
  • Great tasting Grape
  • Cool Purple color
  • Weed has a very strong smell
  • the purple og just is also a very strong kush strain
Cons of Purple OG Kush
  • Purple og is not as strong as the original Og Kush
  • THC Levels vary
  • hard to find real purple og kush - Where do you buy Purple og kush?
  • some grower turn the plant light down to make buds purple witch is false
OG Kush Seeds
  1. Where to find OG Kush Seeds?
  2. Where to find Purple OG Kush Seeds? Google: Purple Kush Seeds

Bubba Kush Review
Bubba kush is know for tasting just like bubble gum. No exageration it really taste like a stick of bubble gum freshly opened. We dont know how marijuana Growers get a bubble gum taste in the weed but them sum how pull it off.
  • Bubba kush is also called "bubble kush"
  • Bubba kush can be found in many medical marijuana desipensieres
Bubba Kush Genetics
Some people say they actually put bubble gum in the soil of the plant and all the flavor obsorbs into the weeds stems and into the buds.
Bubba Kush Bubble Gum Tasting
Check out this forum for more info on Bubba Kush Genetics

Hindu Kush
From India is where the hindu kush has derived from because us growers traveled all the way to the middle east and found this very strong bud. Hindu Kush is very similar to Ak 47 with is also a very strong marijuana strain from the middle east.

March 4, 2012

Passed Out Drunk From Grey Goose

This is what happens when you sip too much grey goose. This guy drank a lot of shots and grey goose and cranberry apple minute maid. This guy passed out drunk and woke up the next morning feeling like shit. He had the worst hangover but luckily did not throw up. Dont Get drunk passed out.

Passed out drunk

March 3, 2012


What is Green?

Not only is it a color but alot of the homies refer to green as alot of other diffrent things in society like money for example.


Every one has their own use of the word green but how  should it really be used?

February 28, 2012

Things you can smoke weed out of

  • a bong
  • Smoke out of a blunt
  • Smoke out a bowl
  • Bubbler 
  • Vaporizer
  • Steam roller
  • Crack pipe
  • Chillum
  • Roach killer
  • Plastic bottle
  • Force
  • Hookah
  • Cigar
  • Bible paper
  • Hemp paper
  • Clear rolling paper 
  • zig zag
  • Dutch
  • Game blunts
  • White owls
  • Raw papers
  • Aluminum foil
  • Pipe 
  • Pen

Lemonade Kush

Lemonade Kush

purple granddaddy

Crazy Purp
Grand Daddy Purp

Ohio Chardon High School Shooting News - Cordan

A high school shooting happens in america. Ohio Cordon high is the school that the 2 kids died at. One Kid as be pronounced brain dead. We feel Sorry For the family's at these shooting. If you know a kid or friend about to do something bad encourage him not to and let a parent or teacher know. Ohio Chardon is a suburb and good high school.

Questions People are Asking:

  • Who was the Shooter?
  • What kids and Victims died in the shooting?
  • Where Was the Shooting at? - Ohio Cordon High School
  • How many kids died at the school shooting? - 2 Kids died - Death Toll of 2
  • Chardon High School Parents
    Victim TJ Lane Died In Chardon High School
    Thomas Lane
  • Why did the School Shooting Happen?

Cordon Ohio School Shooting: Shooter

how to you say goodnight in italian?

To say goodnight in italian: Buonanotte amore mio, sogni doro

Can you Smoke weed in your Bathroom?

Smoking Weed in a Bathroom
smoking weed in the bathroom can be descreet. They smell will not get out into the rest of the house if you smoke weed in your bathroom. Turn on the fan and the smoke will dissapear. Smoking weed in you bathroom can be good when you dont want your parent to know that your are smoking

Wiz Khalifa Quotes For Facebook

Wiz Khalifa Quotes
Wiz Khalifa Quotes
  • She don't even smoke she just hit it once when she light it
  • Last night i let the party get the best of me
  • Its the Champain poring big blunt rolling Bombay sipping no blunt smoking
  • So when i say im balling that don't mean that im playing mane, all my diamonds talking you can see wht they saying mane
  • Aha you know what it is every thing i do i do it big
  • Screaming that's nothing what i pulled off the lot that stunting
  • Same one that hate same one to tag along
  • Call me worldwide wiz cuz im never home
  • Damn it feels good to be a taylor
  • Ink My Whole Body i don't give a m f
More Wiz Khalifa Quotes
Wiz Khalifa Quotes -

Rick Ross Quotes For Facebook

Rick Ross Facebook Quotes
Rick Ross Quotes For Facebook
  • Seven Fourty Five White on White thats Rick Ross
  • I Know Pablo, Noreaga the real Noreaga he owe me a hundred favors
  • As i Look around we the only ones with that A1 Puertro Rico
  • He Bought 4 I Front Him 5 More
  • Bitch Im Blowing up like Napalm
  • Niggas Lookin at you like you fell off
  • Rozay thats my nick name Cocain Running Through My Big Veins
  • I Got that Archie Bunker and it so whit i just might charge you double
  • Money in my Pocket money in my draws, Money in the bank bitch money in the walls
  • I love a nasty girl who swallow whats on the menu
  • Every Day Im hustalin
More Ross Quotes
Rick Ross Quotes:


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