January 11, 2012

Can Meth Kill You?

Crystal Meth Kills People
The drug meth is a very strong drug. It is probably best that you never try it in you life. With that being said i think you know that meth is a life changing drug. The Drug Meth is a Fatal Drug that grips the jaws of life out of users.

Yes Meth can Kill You.

How high can weed get you?

How high can weed get you?
A buddy of mines who never got high on weed in his life asked me this question. How high can weed make you? I simply told him as high as you want weed to get you. The more you smoke the better in this case. You can get so high that you just fall asleep

The answer. Really High.

Can weed go bad?

Bad Weed
Weed is a dried out plant. Its already old and dried out so how could it go bad if it supposed to be old and dried out when you smoke it. so the answer is no.

NO. Weed cannot go bad.

January 7, 2012

January 5, 2012

Purple marijuana weed blunts and bud pictures

purple marijuana pictures swisher blunts power royal purple heart grow purple

January 4, 2012

Some rare red ferrari pictures

Everyone loves a red ferrari it is a great looking fast sports car here we have 3 different red ferraris.

Best Dessert cupcakes chocolate cake cinnamon rolls

Here we have chocolate cupcakes and cinnamon rolls with ice glazing that tastes amazing and chocolate cupcakes with white creamy frosting. the french toast is made with cinnamon and bread and taste very very good. these tasty desserts are great to eat after dinner.

January 2, 2012

What does sour diesel look like?

Sour diesel
Sour diesel looks like this

Raspberry Kush Nugget

Rasberry kush is one of my favorite types of weed it is very sweet and it smells great. Besides the fact that its expensive rasberry kush is still a marijuana that i will always buy.

Hippie Girl Smoking Weed out a Huge Water Pipe

This hippie girls is smoke a nice bong or pipe and she has a tye die shirt on lol. I bet this chick was stupid high.

Apple Mac Book and Kush Marijuana

Apple and Weed

As a apple mac book user I love to take a bud of kush weed and break it down while surfing the internet on my mac book pro laptop. I Love Apple!

Where can you get a bong?

You can order bong and pipes almost every where online. her we have a list of places that you can get a bong at.

Online Bong Stores


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