February 28, 2012

Things you can smoke weed out of

  • a bong
  • Smoke out of a blunt
  • Smoke out a bowl
  • Bubbler 
  • Vaporizer
  • Steam roller
  • Crack pipe
  • Chillum
  • Roach killer
  • Plastic bottle
  • Force
  • Hookah
  • Cigar
  • Bible paper
  • Hemp paper
  • Clear rolling paper 
  • zig zag
  • Dutch
  • Game blunts
  • White owls
  • Raw papers
  • Aluminum foil
  • Pipe 
  • Pen

Lemonade Kush

Lemonade Kush

purple granddaddy

Crazy Purp
Grand Daddy Purp

Ohio Chardon High School Shooting News - Cordan

A high school shooting happens in america. Ohio Cordon high is the school that the 2 kids died at. One Kid as be pronounced brain dead. We feel Sorry For the family's at these shooting. If you know a kid or friend about to do something bad encourage him not to and let a parent or teacher know. Ohio Chardon is a suburb and good high school.

Questions People are Asking:

  • Who was the Shooter?
  • What kids and Victims died in the shooting?
  • Where Was the Shooting at? - Ohio Cordon High School
  • How many kids died at the school shooting? - 2 Kids died - Death Toll of 2
  • Chardon High School Parents
    Victim TJ Lane Died In Chardon High School
    Thomas Lane
  • Why did the School Shooting Happen?

Cordon Ohio School Shooting: Shooter

how to you say goodnight in italian?

To say goodnight in italian: Buonanotte amore mio, sogni doro

Can you Smoke weed in your Bathroom?

Smoking Weed in a Bathroom
smoking weed in the bathroom can be descreet. They smell will not get out into the rest of the house if you smoke weed in your bathroom. Turn on the fan and the smoke will dissapear. Smoking weed in you bathroom can be good when you dont want your parent to know that your are smoking

Wiz Khalifa Quotes For Facebook

Wiz Khalifa Quotes
Wiz Khalifa Quotes
  • She don't even smoke she just hit it once when she light it
  • Last night i let the party get the best of me
  • Its the Champain poring big blunt rolling Bombay sipping no blunt smoking
  • So when i say im balling that don't mean that im playing mane, all my diamonds talking you can see wht they saying mane
  • Aha you know what it is every thing i do i do it big
  • Screaming that's nothing what i pulled off the lot that stunting
  • Same one that hate same one to tag along
  • Call me worldwide wiz cuz im never home
  • Damn it feels good to be a taylor
  • Ink My Whole Body i don't give a m f
More Wiz Khalifa Quotes
Wiz Khalifa Quotes - thekushweed.com

Rick Ross Quotes For Facebook

Rick Ross Facebook Quotes
Rick Ross Quotes For Facebook
  • Seven Fourty Five White on White thats Rick Ross
  • I Know Pablo, Noreaga the real Noreaga he owe me a hundred favors
  • As i Look around we the only ones with that A1 Puertro Rico
  • He Bought 4 I Front Him 5 More
  • Bitch Im Blowing up like Napalm
  • Niggas Lookin at you like you fell off
  • Rozay thats my nick name Cocain Running Through My Big Veins
  • I Got that Archie Bunker and it so whit i just might charge you double
  • Money in my Pocket money in my draws, Money in the bank bitch money in the walls
  • I love a nasty girl who swallow whats on the menu
  • Every Day Im hustalin
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February 27, 2012

Barbecue Wood Chunks

Barbecue Wood Chunks

Red Frog Blue Frog

Blue Frog
Red Frog

King Size Snickers

King Size Snickers

Barbecue Lays Chips

Barbecue Lays Chips

Salt and Vinegar Chips Lays

Salt and Vinegar Chips Lays

Navy Blue Yankee Fitted

Navy Blue Yankee Fitted

Poland Spring Water Bottle

Poland Spring Water Bottle

Nate Robinson Dunk

Nate Robinson Dunk
Wilson Chandler and Nate Robinson - Slam Dunk Contest
Nate Robinson Dunk
Nate Robinson Slam Dunk 
Competition Nate Robinson showed what he can do in the dunk competition. Nate Robinson is small but he sure can dunk.

Crackhead Bob

Crackhead Bob
Crackhead Bob

Funny Bike Accident

Funny Bike Accident
Funny Bike Accident
Funny Bike Accident

Carmelo Anthony Dunk

Carmelo Anthony Dunk
Carmelo Anthony Dunks 
Carmelo Anthony Dunk

Michael Jordan Dunks

Micheal Jordan Dunk
Micheal Jordan Dunk Reverse Gatorade
Micheal Jordan Dunk Two Handed

February 26, 2012

February 24, 2012

Real Pro Blogger: How Much Money can you make a day on adsense?

Real Pro Blogger: How Much Money can you make a day on adsense?: In just one day on ad sense you can make as much money as you want. The possibilities are endless. As long as you have tons of page vie...

February 19, 2012

Real Dank Rasberry Kush Bud

Check out this dank rasberry kush that I picked up. The bud is pure purple and contains very little green if any. It smokes and tastes very good. As you can see it is covered in crystals. A very potent smoke

Micheal Jackson $16m House in Las Vegas Pictures

Micheal Jackson Living Room at his House
Front View of Micheal Jacksons Mansion
Micheal Jacksons Property
Micheal Jackson Horse Stable
Micheal Jacksons Grotto and bar
Micheal Jacksons Pool and cave
Micheal Jacksons Garage and CArs
Micheal Jacksons Gun Range
Micheal Jacksons Wine Celler
Micheal Jacksons Kitchen and Pool Table
Micheal Jacksons Theater and Movie Room In Basment


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