February 3, 2012

The 2012 nba all star game east vs west - pictures players and starting lineups

The 2012 nba all star game will feature basketball players such as blake griffin lebron james chris hall coby bryant the white howard andrew bynum kevin durant and dwayne wade it's gonna be a spectacular nba all star weekend with the dunk competition coming up we're bound to see who will be in it also the east in the west on starz movie facing of against each other in orlando. we don't think the white howard will be in the slam dunk competition this year sorry there is bound to be crossovers layouts allie you in all the good stuff that we see in the regular season times 100. I will be at my house watching it on my flat screen tv because I will not have tickets to go to the all star game but that doesn't mean I can enjoy it back here with a few beers in a nice blunt.


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