February 3, 2012

Cheapest Way to Start Your Own Blog

How to Start Your Own Blog

Some people have zero dollars to invest in an online business or blog. Well I can show you some very cost effective thing that will have you blog up for free in minutes. Of course investing money would help your blog pick up faster but there is always a free way to do things.

  1. Use Blogger.com - They give you a free domain name  + free blog
  2. Pick a popular topic that you like - Music, Photos, Animals etc.
  3. Customize your page layout with blogger features
  4. Write about 3 great post a day on your blog - This will help Believe me
  5. Invite People to you blog from - Facebook , Twitter, Google + 
  6. Very important. Repeat step 5. over and over again. and dont stop posting
This is the free way for you guys to get a blog going and actually start you own buisness online.

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