February 3, 2012

How to get rich off Writing Blogs

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Step 1:You should begin to produce well-written, keyword rich articles that have great mass appeal. Topics like how to make money online, how to lose weight fast, how to stop smoking immediately, how to improve your credit score, or how to get your ex attracted a broad appeal and will have a willing audience, while articles on how to stop the growth toenail the general public to read their products.Step 2:Write articles for a niche facing website owners, bloggers, online marketers, email, professional affiliate program, our community, and a free newsletter. These people eat all you can produce the market are ready to take advantage. You can shoot your well written articles for their libraries, websites, blogs and other online tools that you can connect with you and provide you with immediate traffic to your site through its history the well-written resource box. Who will guide and welcome your articles from the production well in order to be registered in your directory so that others can access it. Links to your site regularly increased frequency link others to your site continuously. Bloggers and website owners who want to use your articles as content on their sites. Readers will have access to care what they say and collect them in drag.Step 3:Write articles that appeal to those who have a problem that needs solving as the way of losing weight, quitting smoking with ease, how to increase your credit score, how to lower cholesterol, how to fight diabetes, or any related issues. Content is king and original content signed by people looking for an answer to their problems if they feel what you write can help.Step 4:Write articles that prevented special occasions and treat a specific need or solve a specific problem for readers in a particular time of year. For example, writing about how to please his wife in the Valentine's Day or what to buy in early to late January, which frustrates a special event and take advantage of the guys who wanted to please their wives at the same time, and products that are directed to do so. Write about products to buy a sports fan just before the Super Bowl in February or early November to treat write about buying Christmas gifts to buyers. Write articles about special events. For example, you can write an article on what to buy the last day of graduate who just finished high school and college, or university products that can be read to make your affiliate link, of course. You can write an article on what to do for someone who has just retired from the workforce, and gifts to that if they buy through your link you will earn the commission. Other examples of special days like the day of confirmation, the day bar mitzvah, wedding day, and even death.Step 5:Write articles that prevented the seasonal changes and to exploit the mood to buy a new economy, as the seasons change. For example, you can write an article about getting the green grass in the city until late winter when people start thinking about lawn care issues spring and products. You can write about the benefits of new snow blower until late September as the season begins to change and customers are starting to think about winter.Step 6:Write articles that talk about current events and products can be purchased to help all life depends. Example include 9-11, Katrina, the Gulf oil spill, the dictator's death or terrorism, foreign forces, or any other event that people will look to search engines and learn.Step 7:Write articles that deal with the largest online searches for the month. Monthly Internet is to search and identify the top searches people do. Write articles on these searches and fill those needs, with your affiliate links, of course, you can create a substantial income targeting these people
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