February 3, 2012

How your Mood can effect your Life?

We can be eaten on our concerns, fears and frustrations that we do not understand how our moods and behavior affect others - and how this in turn could affect our relationship and our home or workplace.

Lead manager / director / You can have the illusion of competition to be admired and appreciated by his friends and colleagues of "nonsense" or who do not suffer fools gladly "or" take no prisoners ", but may not be what it says about you behind your back!

We are influenced by all affected by the mood of those around us - whether a person's mood is one to whom we have regular contact, or the audience's emotional cloud group, or crowd.The term for this is an emotional adhesion - can be seen on a large scale of the joy of the crowd to win the national mourning for a beloved community, mob violence, looting and destruction across the country to see the world.

We are connected all the "energy" and all affect each other.

As adults we take responsibility for our moods and find an effective way to balance live quiet, happy life.

We can be guilt-stricken and / or shame, fear, humiliation and failure, rejection, anger and hostility envy, self-hatred / jealousy, anger / rage, and more.

If the bear is a heavy weight - but we can not expect others to lead us to modify their behavior to adjust the imbalance of our psychological and emotional!

Patience of someone happy, loving, thoughtful consideration shall be considered to be "infected" by anxiety, depression, chronic, indifference, shame, guilt, jealousy, neurosis, hood damaged, anger, aggression, control, or intimidation of another person ... ..Especially in intimate relationships and co-workers.

We use the analogy of a wave frequencies - those of similar wavelength that we enrich our lives to revive us, constantly low frequency energy and deplete our resources, and endanger our experience of life.

We may have to make the decision "tough love" is not to be around these people if they are willing to learn how to change their moods and behavior.

Unhealthy behaviors and functions tend to be driven by the deepest needs are expressed, and they will be recognized, known met.

We all have a tendency "to emphasize the link too. That is, we meet people with similar complaints / hurts and fears like ours, then there is counseling discharge cycles each other and maybe even find it on our relationships and concerns business and this advice, but good intentions, can only be a reflection of personal history and the other person's belief system and probably not "fit" us to our personal experience in our life.

Indeed, it might make it worse!

Good source of help can come trained and experienced not to know us personally, or who have a personal interest in our personal lives.

So if you do not want to colleagues, partners, children, and more on your toes, to "not rock your boat you must find the courage to do something about their emotions contagious before reaching the level of pollution!


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