February 5, 2012

Learn how to Rap and be a Rapper

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Just start to "flow"Rap is largely improvisationalso start speaking in a tone of free association. No matter what you say, let the words come forward to get a feel for the environment and continue.

As you become more skilled, work traditional poetic techniques in his rap. Usingmetaphors to compare things rhyming verse the quality of their music. Puns and word playyour slap, but do not forget it has to sound goodRemember: your music.

Practice, practice, practice. Rap as walking or working. Always rap about what they do and think. Write Smart beads or puns that come to mind during the day. Continue to buildon the foundations laid.

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RappingAlthough the rap began as improvisation, there is no law that says you can not write in advance, and that triggers much more complex and layered.

Having a rap battleLast test rapping skills, one of the fastest ways to hone your skills, is in competition with another rapper. Insultspunches and lightning quick intelligent thinking allthe ingredients in the rap, so practice with someone about your ability.


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