February 4, 2012

Lance Armstrong: Federal Police Drop Drug Charges in Court

Finally, a federal investigation into the request of Lance Armstrong, like everyone else.All journalists who have gone to the whispers, disclose any researcher looking for exploits, started the Inquisition all actions of the Tour de France rider with the most wins of all time and around the ideal of beauty of the soul and the belief that truth can not hide forever.
Lance Armstrong is a Free Man
It is expected, of course, against a huge wall of resistance Armstrong instincts Sterling Public Relations: its scares and threats of anger, and his legal team daunting. And ultimately, everyone in the lurch of the truth, the truth has always been a history, a fact one of the ultimate source.Ultimately, the U.S. Department of the Attorney General of the Central District of California was not different. Shortly after 5:00 Friday, the weekend of Super Bowl, the Associated Press that Andre Birotte, the U.S. attorney in the central district, said the investigation was over.Press release Birotte left little doubt that the government was more incidents, and said that "the closure of the investigation into allegations of federal criminal conduct by members and partners of professional bicycle racing team owned in part by Lance Armstrong . "The charges were filed.The response was swift, with supporters praising the decision to delay Armstrong, and others bewildered regret the course of events. "Are you kidding ping?" Receive former Armstrong teammate, Tyler Hamilton, who made headlines last summer when he admitted his past doping and made an extraordinary statement, both researchers and the "60 Minutes" that he personally saw Armstrong take EPO(Tweet was removed later.)That office, and others, like the claim that Floyd "Landis Armstrong was to receive a blood transfusion, and ICU positive test covered by Armstrong in 2002, to explain the response of the trust.How, if team members said they saw drugs knowingly Armstrong, to close the investigation without filing charges could be filed against who?We may never know. Birotte found no reason to close the investigation, and Jeff Novitzky, the lead investigator was unavailable for immediate comment.But the response from all quarters there is another root. For over a decade, Armstrong has been dogged by both sides, determined to uncover the truth, if doped to win the Tour.
Lance Arm Strong
This magazine, Bill Strickland, said openly what many think, what he did, and that the indictment, if any, our task is to understand and acceptBut in any kind of warranty, I never really knew. Thus, the debate has become a long war, with each side convinced of his superiority, but can not prove. And like all things Armstrong, their beliefs about their beliefs had more than just a man, and how he became an amazing rider.Suspected drug race bike, or does not apply only to man, but his base, and probably was either a model of justice or sludge from the philanthropic foundation dedicated mainly to polish the image of Lance Inc. as Bill Gifford recently discovered, the truth is somewhere in between.The conviction in federal court in the United States, would have ended the war. Sure, some people just dug, and a small group of people who continued to support Hamilton's claim of innocence long after most of us have more disturbing truth. But for most people, while his conviction, prison or not, was the end of the myth of Armstrong.And who better to do that the U.S. government? Jeff Novitzky, who brought the BALCO case, who presented the baseball doping in athletics? Enigmatic bulldog investigator was, without doubt, be compatible with Armstrong.With the power of subpoena and the threat of perjury, that will succeed where journalists do not. With the support of the legitimacy of the U.S. government, his research shows that the French deserve Room D, or OCLAESP, no.However, Armstrong was too hard to crack, even Novitzky. And with little hint of the reasons until now closing the case, there is the closing little.Honestly, not good Birotte Armstrong some gospel, because it leaves us free to imagine.Speculation (politics liars!) The reasons for closing the file, of course, has begun.I wonder if the reason is our imagination, less sensational products. Novitzky, despite his great fame, was also a principal witness for the prosecution of Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds cases, which lasted for years, have produced a total of a mistrial the judge accused the prosecution and one not matter infinitely conviction resulting in jail to zero, respectively.(If "Clemens is ready for a new trial in the spring.)Researchers can use drug testing by Armstrong. They definitely have eyewitness accounts of at least two former employees who say they witnessed a drug Armstrong.But doping is not a crime in the United States. The government's case always depends on the legal argument that Armstrong not only beat drugs, but these victories were infected with seductive base Postal Service to continue the sponsorship, and was also a fraud against the federal government.
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