February 1, 2012

My struggles as a blogger

Everyday I wake up with 1 thing on my mind and thats make money blogging. This is a very important school in my life but yet again I failed to get anything done. the more I search google for ways to be a better blogger and ways to make more money blogging the more I waste time and find myself not knowing what to do. overtime I have started multiple blogs. I find new news topics from the google keyword tool and I start writing in deathly about those topics and tried to test those keywords. I just find myself getting smaller keywords and not ranking on the search results for the keywords I want. Sometimes I only rained for image results which is a very weird but they help my site out a little bit. my absence endings have been around 20 dollars a day for a bout a year now I would love to see you go up to 50 dollars a day and even up to 1000 dollars a day. This blog in particular is a blog about marijuana the reason why I started it because it's more of a hobby to me than just a blog to get money from so I thought that I would be more of a hobby you can just work. this was actually a good idea to a certain extent because I didn't get a lot of work done but I didn't do my keyword research and it turns out that google pays less for keywords related to drugs or marijuana. I came up with a new plan to just write about random things that are on my mind I don't care what it is I'm going to just keep writing. also I have plans to completely stop looking at the statistics of my website it doesn't matter how many views I get a day it doesn't matter who's linking to me everyday I am just going to keep blogging because every time I check the stats it seems like I get down on myself and I get less work done in my workplace. hopefully I can get the ball rolling and my blog will start getting me rich.

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