February 28, 2012

Ohio Chardon High School Shooting News - Cordan

A high school shooting happens in america. Ohio Cordon high is the school that the 2 kids died at. One Kid as be pronounced brain dead. We feel Sorry For the family's at these shooting. If you know a kid or friend about to do something bad encourage him not to and let a parent or teacher know. Ohio Chardon is a suburb and good high school.

Questions People are Asking:

  • Who was the Shooter?
  • What kids and Victims died in the shooting?
  • Where Was the Shooting at? - Ohio Cordon High School
  • How many kids died at the school shooting? - 2 Kids died - Death Toll of 2
  • Chardon High School Parents
    Victim TJ Lane Died In Chardon High School
    Thomas Lane
  • Why did the School Shooting Happen?

Cordon Ohio School Shooting: Shooter


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