February 28, 2012

Rick Ross Quotes For Facebook

Rick Ross Facebook Quotes
Rick Ross Quotes For Facebook
  • Seven Fourty Five White on White thats Rick Ross
  • I Know Pablo, Noreaga the real Noreaga he owe me a hundred favors
  • As i Look around we the only ones with that A1 Puertro Rico
  • He Bought 4 I Front Him 5 More
  • Bitch Im Blowing up like Napalm
  • Niggas Lookin at you like you fell off
  • Rozay thats my nick name Cocain Running Through My Big Veins
  • I Got that Archie Bunker and it so whit i just might charge you double
  • Money in my Pocket money in my draws, Money in the bank bitch money in the walls
  • I love a nasty girl who swallow whats on the menu
  • Every Day Im hustalin
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