February 1, 2012

Rochester New York

Rochester, New york is one of the most highly populated cities on the map. Why people like to live there always remains a question to alot of the associates around the globe who take time to study the history surrounding the city.
Rochester New York

WaterFall In Rochester New York

Every day in Rochester, something new is brought to the light. As first instance, rapping is becoming more and more popular with the locals these days which is drawing alot of attention to outside media which comes here to see what the buzz is all about.

Local Gang

Gang banging is a very big problem in rochester, but the pat few years it has slowed down but seems to be speeding back up again which only means that the first thing cops are going to think of is sending the gang units out there to wreck havoc.

Decades have passed by which has made rochester clothing a slight attraction with the growing amount if new trends.


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