March 15, 2012

How do you grow purple weed?

Growing purple marijuana can be done one of 2 ways. There is a real way and a fake way to grow your own purple weed. If you want real purple marijuana you will have to find a legit strain of purple weed and then grow regular. If you don't care about growing the official purple marijuana then you can use the low light method that growers are using these days.

How to Grow Purple Marijuana Growing Method

  1. Buy some Regular marijuana seed does not have to be a specific strain
  2. Buy some nice grade potting soil so you weed plants can grow correctly
  3. Buy lighting so you plant can have light
  4. Also for this to work you must grow indoors
  5. While your plant is in its early adult stages at night turn off the light
  6. Lower the temperature in the plants room to really cold
  7. This will make the plants turn shades of purple

This is very easy but just know that you plants will be actually purple haze or grandaddy purple they will just have the color that people look for these days. 


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