March 27, 2012

How to stop Jaw Clenching?

Soothing Jaw Muscles
To stop the clenching of the jaw and mouth while you are asleep or awake can be easy but hard to stop for good. There can be many reasons why you are clenching your jaw. Your Jaw could be too big or too small or your teeth can be crooked. This is very bad for you teeth because it can cause gum disease and wearing down of your teeth. Here we can show you some ways to Stop Jaw Clenching.

How to stop Jaw Clenching?

  • Sleep with a Mouth Guard In
  • Exercise your Jaw Muscles
  • Massage your Jaw Bone
  • Put a Napkin or Paper Towel between your teeth to stop grinding
  • Sleep On your Back
  • Chew with both sides of your mouth
Hopefully you can kick the habit of jaw clenching and have much more comfortable sleep without clenching your Jaw and Grinding your Teeth.


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