March 31, 2012

I like to beat my dog?

Some pet owners get very agitated with their dogs, and even abuse them. It's very common to want to beat a dog that is disobeying it's owner or being naughty. Though it may be frustrating, beating your dog is not the answer. If your dog is not properly trained, the dog believes it is being beat for no reason. This will lead to a very unhappy dog and it will start acting even more disobedient. If you like beating your dog you should consider getting counseling or taking your anger and stress out on something else. Try to channel your anger towards other things, so you don't end up hurting your animal out of rage.

Tips to Stop Beating you Dog
  • Pet your dog and bond with it
  • Teach it when its young
  • Understand your Dog is a living being
  • Take to a pet training class
  • Remember dogs feel pain just like us
  • Talk in different tones to your dog - Dogs only understand not words


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