March 13, 2012

Kush Marijuna Wiki

The Famous Kush Weed could be put in any blunt, smoked with the best the best bongs and ripped out of the coolest pipes.

OG Kush
OG Kush

  • Kush is one of the strongest strains of marijuana that people Smoke Every day
  • OG Kush has been tested and has the highest THC level of any other weed strain
  • Purple OG Kush has a Grape taste to it but, is also very strong
Purple Og Kush Strain Review
  • Great tasting Grape
  • Cool Purple color
  • Weed has a very strong smell
  • the purple og just is also a very strong kush strain
Cons of Purple OG Kush
  • Purple og is not as strong as the original Og Kush
  • THC Levels vary
  • hard to find real purple og kush - Where do you buy Purple og kush?
  • some grower turn the plant light down to make buds purple witch is false
OG Kush Seeds
  1. Where to find OG Kush Seeds?
  2. Where to find Purple OG Kush Seeds? Google: Purple Kush Seeds

Bubba Kush Review
Bubba kush is know for tasting just like bubble gum. No exageration it really taste like a stick of bubble gum freshly opened. We dont know how marijuana Growers get a bubble gum taste in the weed but them sum how pull it off.
  • Bubba kush is also called "bubble kush"
  • Bubba kush can be found in many medical marijuana desipensieres
Bubba Kush Genetics
Some people say they actually put bubble gum in the soil of the plant and all the flavor obsorbs into the weeds stems and into the buds.
Bubba Kush Bubble Gum Tasting
Check out this forum for more info on Bubba Kush Genetics

Hindu Kush
From India is where the hindu kush has derived from because us growers traveled all the way to the middle east and found this very strong bud. Hindu Kush is very similar to Ak 47 with is also a very strong marijuana strain from the middle east.


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