March 19, 2012

What is a hydroponic grow system?

the hydropinic grow system is basically a different method of growing your weed plant or any type of plant you are growing. The hyropinic method means that you are growing plants in water and you are not using any soil.

How can Marijuana  Grow in Water/Hydroponics?
Scientist figured out that when your growing plants in soil the only thing the plants are using is the soil for certain nutrients and a stabilizer. So when you water you plants all your doing is helping the plants absorb the nutrients from the soil. Now the actual soil its self is not needed. If just had water with the nutrients already in them ten that is all you will need thus making it now hydroponics growing.

What are the Advantages of Hydroponics Grow systems? Pros
  • Ability to increase nutrient value and start rapid growth cycles
  • Less cost due to not having to buy soil
  • Save money and time by not having to water your plants
  • Very easy to keep bugs away from you plants witch is very usful
What are the Disadvantages of Hydroponics grow systems? Cons
  • Equipment cost at first you will need a to buy a hydroponics system
  • Wilting of the plants if they are exposed to too much water - can cause immediate death of plant

Hydroponics Grow System - Marijuana


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