April 9, 2012

How to give someone a Purple Nurple

Giving someone a purple nurple can be very fun but it may hurt the other person. Before giving a purple nurple make sure your hands are clean and that the person you are doing it to is fine with it. If your just playing a joke then go ahead and do it.

A Purple Nurple is when you twist a persons nipple and it hurts them a little bit

How do give a purple nurple
  • take 2 of your fingers
  • grab the persons nipple
  • twist it - not to hard it hurts
  • then laugh
Be careful purple nurples can twist a nipple right off someone and they are extremely painful

How to become a werewolf

How to become a werewolf:

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April 4, 2012

How to fix a broken xbox 360?

If you xbox is acting funny and you dont want to send it of to microsoft and wait a long time or pay money to fix it you can try to fix it youself at you own cost. I will give you some tips that i use when something goes wrong with my xbox 360.

Red Rings of Death
The red rings of death can be a number of problems from your cords all the way to your CPU and Hard Drive. Pay close attention to you xbox 360 model type because Microsoft has released many different versions. There is the xbox 360 Slim which is made differently and the older white xbox witch is easier to fix but breaks more often. Sometimes a red ring may mean your plugs are not in all the way so just check all you power cords so every thing is working correctly.

Disc Tray Problems
When you disc tray wont open or keeps opening after you close it you will get very frustrated and probably bang it a few time to get it working. That is not so bad as long as you don't bang it to hard. Just wiggle the disc tray a little bit and try to get it back on track. If your problem still occurs call Microsoft and see what they say.

Where do white people come from?

White people are white because they come from a cold snowy region. The more its white and cold outside over the thousands of years you will become white. For example lets use polar bears they are all white but if they were in the hot sun they would be black or brown. If people in Africa were not so hot they would not be so black now would they. I think that people adapt to their climate. So white people came from up north where it is snowy and icebergs.

Why are white people white?
Because they are from places like Germany where everything else is white. Think about it if your surroundings where white you would be white as well. 

Why isn't everyone else white?
Because they have more sunlight they tan more so their skin becomes darker and darker until their kids become darker and darker so that it's in their genes now.

Are white people blonde haired blue eyed white devils?
Yes we all know that white people are evil and believe in racism and slaves, but the north wins slavery is bad. 

April 3, 2012

What is ADT Home Alarm System?

ADT is a alarm system company who you can call up buy home alarm systems and set them in you house for you protection. Your kids protection is usually guaranteed. If a robber breaks in you house your alarm can let the police know immediately and if you have a fire it also alarms the fire department also. It may be a good investment to buy an ADT alarm system just to keep protected.

Things ADT Can do for you

  • Fire 
  • Robbery 
  • Burgulary
  • Suspects 
  • Break ins
  • Shooting
  • Stabbings
  • Kidnappings
So Think about ADT.

How to stop running?

When you are running at fast speeds you may feel like your legs wont stop running. Your brain then forgets how to stop running and you can run into a wall or get really thirsty. If you are looking to cut down on running so much how about you just play a sport like basketball which has running in it.

How to stop running steps

  1. Start to slow down you pace first
  2. Start walking fast
  3. Have someone run with you to help you stop running
  4. Think of stopping 
  5. Take deep breaths 
  6. Use you arms when running
  7. Jump to a stop
Focus on other thing. Besides running. Find a hobby or activity to do or chill with some new friends basically any thing to help you stop running.

April 1, 2012

What is the Cinnamon Challenge?

This is a new trend that has swept over Facebook and many other social networks. Many people post status' about it, saying if they get a certain amount of likes they will post a video of them trying it. Though many don't know that it is dangerous, and very unhealthy.

How to Complete the Challenge
  1. Get a regular sized teaspoon, or a tablespoon if your brave enough
  2. Fill it completely with ground cinnamon
  3. Put the whole spoon in your mouth and eat all the cinnamon in one bite
  4. Good luck trying to swallow it all
First off cinnamon will dry out your mouth completely after it fills your mouth
It is likely that powder will start coming out of your nose, it will hurt
It is very hard to swallow powder with no liquid, so it will take a long time to get rid of all of it

** Have a drink poured and ready to help wash it down if you can succeed.

You dont deserve me quotes

Does you boyfriend of girlfriend not understand what they have. They may not deserve you and you have to express the fact that they don't deserve you.

You Don't Deserve Me Quotes

  • Better than you Ex and better than you Next
  • Your not on my level
  • Your doing this to yourself
  • You can kick rocks
  • Your my girl on the side
  • You you acting stupid
  • What the hell is wrong with you
  • You downgrade me
  • Your nothing but drama
  • You had a good thing

Why am I fat?

You are probably fat because you eat more calories than you burn on a daily basis and as you do this for a long period of time you will become fat. Just know people can be fat for many reasons. Think about this. Are your parents fat? Do you eat a good sized dinner every night. Do you exercise daily?

Why am I fat? - Reasons you may be Fat
  • Eating too much fast food - Fast food contains tons of carbs, fats, and calories
  • Not proportioned Diet - A unbalanced meal can lead to you gaining weight and  being fat
  • Not Exercising - Regular exercise will help you burn fat and stay in shape

Ways to Burn Fat and Become Skinny
If you are looking for ways to become skinny you should just stop go out side and start jogging around the block at a really slow pace do about 2 laps. Drink water to keep hydrated while exercising. After that i want you to rest for about 6 minutes. Go back out side and do more laps then rest again Do this every day. If you cant jog do something else. As long as you break a sweat your doing something.


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