April 4, 2012

How to fix a broken xbox 360?

If you xbox is acting funny and you dont want to send it of to microsoft and wait a long time or pay money to fix it you can try to fix it youself at you own cost. I will give you some tips that i use when something goes wrong with my xbox 360.

Red Rings of Death
The red rings of death can be a number of problems from your cords all the way to your CPU and Hard Drive. Pay close attention to you xbox 360 model type because Microsoft has released many different versions. There is the xbox 360 Slim which is made differently and the older white xbox witch is easier to fix but breaks more often. Sometimes a red ring may mean your plugs are not in all the way so just check all you power cords so every thing is working correctly.

Disc Tray Problems
When you disc tray wont open or keeps opening after you close it you will get very frustrated and probably bang it a few time to get it working. That is not so bad as long as you don't bang it to hard. Just wiggle the disc tray a little bit and try to get it back on track. If your problem still occurs call Microsoft and see what they say.


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