April 1, 2012

What is the Cinnamon Challenge?

This is a new trend that has swept over Facebook and many other social networks. Many people post status' about it, saying if they get a certain amount of likes they will post a video of them trying it. Though many don't know that it is dangerous, and very unhealthy.

How to Complete the Challenge
  1. Get a regular sized teaspoon, or a tablespoon if your brave enough
  2. Fill it completely with ground cinnamon
  3. Put the whole spoon in your mouth and eat all the cinnamon in one bite
  4. Good luck trying to swallow it all
First off cinnamon will dry out your mouth completely after it fills your mouth
It is likely that powder will start coming out of your nose, it will hurt
It is very hard to swallow powder with no liquid, so it will take a long time to get rid of all of it

** Have a drink poured and ready to help wash it down if you can succeed.


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